Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Why I'm like this at the holidays.

Want to know what's going on next door?

Yeah.  OK.

Look a lot like last year's display only with a different annoying tune and a big new star over the door?

Yeah. OK.

And you wonder why I lose my mind at the holidays.

Well, wonder no more.


  1. music is a nice touch, because, you know, we can all hear it as we're flying down the street, with our windows closed, because its 35 fucking degrees outside.

  2. Lordy, it looks like a GE plant puked all over the lawn. And music? I have fantasies of stealing the clapper out of my neighbors wind chimes. This would make my head explode. My sympathies.

  3. It's the Griswolds in miniature! Can you hear that music when you're in your house? Sounds like it drive the neighborhood dogs nuts!

  4. I have to remember to get a video of my dad's neighbor's house this year. Your eyes will leak out of your face in terror and then your head will explode.

  5. Lisa - I think it's just for the neighborhood dogs' benefit.

    Jill - My sentiments exactly. Two years ago. Now it's just "UGH. FUCK OFF."

    EDH - Do you think I could steal the clapper out of their festive scene, there, and that would make the nightmare stop?

    Anna - Thankfully it's two doors down so I can't actually hear that bullshittery inside my house, but it makes the dogs next door CRAZY and I can hear THEM inside my house.

    God bless us, everyone.

    Amy - I look forward to everything you just said happening. Send soon!

  6. ISH! Now you know why bears (and other intelligent animals) hibernate. Today I went to the market to buy milk and before I could get into the place I was accosted by bell ringers and people with tables set up to pitch their particular need. On the way out I was assaulted again. I swear, I am not going out of my house (except to the library) from now until February. Seriously.

  7. My reading comprehension sucks. I didn't realize these were actual neighbors! My sympathies.

  8. We drive by a cute little gingerbready house twice a week. It's been the most tastefully decorated house - just the right amount of lights to actually *enhance* the house. I looked forward to driving past the house - this house more than makes up for the numerous light vomits in our town. You can hear my family mumble "vomitous" when we pass by one of THOSE houses. Imagine my dismay when cute house decided to add inflatable - gasp! INFLATABLE figures to front yard AND copious amounts of light vomit to every tree. So Sad.


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