More Finny

If you simply can't get enough of my swears, talk of thongs (the footwear, rarely the butt-wear) or growing things, there's more out there for your naked steaming eyeballs.

It lives in different forms, so make use of those that suit you and don't get all, "Twitter is useless and I won't have it", because I don't care. And if you do end up following me on Twitter, well, expect to see a lot of rude comments about people because that's what inspires me to type 140 characters or less when I'm standing in line at the store with nothing to do after updating Facebook.

Hey! You can also follow me on Facebook! I know. I'm such a joiner sometimes. Also, I'm on Pinterest, myFolia, and other places where they'll still let people like me spout Crazy to our hearts' content.

Yay for that.

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