Monday, August 15, 2005

Crafting beyond the cart

I've finally grown up beyond the rolling craft cart and made the commitment to a full size bookcase to house and organize my indoor crafting supplies. (Wood and metal working stay in the garage) The most exciting part of this occasion is that my beloved sewing machine now has a permanent place in the house, far away from the Spacebag it's been calling home for the last six months during its stay in the garage. That means I'm also ready to take part in Backtack -- which was the point of this whole exercise.

Now, who can show me how to thread a needle ;)

Friday, August 12, 2005

AfricanKelli made me do it.

Ok, so you'd think that being employed in the internet world would mean that I'd have embraced this whole blogging thing long ago.

Not so.

I've actually tried to start a blog before, for another crafting group no less, but somehow I got distracted and ended up screwing up my blog attempt pretty badly.

But here I am, wandering determinedly out into the cold night air of the blogging world once again. This time with a mission, to join a group of blogging crafters, and to make peace with my first failed attempt at what appears to be the somewhat straightforward practice of setting up and maintaining a blog.

And if I somehow manage to fail again, just remember -- AfricanKelli made me do it.