Monday, August 15, 2005

Crafting beyond the cart

I've finally grown up beyond the rolling craft cart and made the commitment to a full size bookcase to house and organize my indoor crafting supplies. (Wood and metal working stay in the garage) The most exciting part of this occasion is that my beloved sewing machine now has a permanent place in the house, far away from the Spacebag it's been calling home for the last six months during its stay in the garage. That means I'm also ready to take part in Backtack -- which was the point of this whole exercise.

Now, who can show me how to thread a needle ;)


  1. HOLY COW! It is so pretty. I love the baskets and the organization. It really is an inspiration my friend. GOOD WORK!

  2. Isn't that the author who wrote "About a boy?"
    I'd bet I'd love it.
    Hope you are doing well my friend.


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