Finny Runs

All my running related posts can be found under the Finny Runs label, but here's some superfluous information that may only be entertaining and useful for me. Which makes sense since this is my blog. I'm sure you're fine with it.

Road PRs
5K: 28:57
10K: 58:15
1/2 Marathon: 2:24:00

Trail PRs
5K: 41:55
10K: 1:31:03

Multi-sport PRs
Duathlon (1.5M run, 12M bike, 2M run): 1:30:44

2011 Races
Diablo Trails Challenge, 3/10/11 (trail)
Willow Glen 5K, 5/7/11 (road)
Horseshoe Lake Trail Run, 5/21/11 (trail)
Wharf to Wharf,  7/24/11 (road)
Mermaid Duathlon, 9/25/11 (multi)

Jungle Run 10K (road/trail)
Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 10K (road)

2010 Races
Mermaid 10K (road)
Workday Devil Mountain 10K (road)
Mermaid Duathlon Alameda (multi)
Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 5K (road)
Summit Rock 5K (trail)

2009 Races
Mermaid 10K (road)
Rock N Roll Seattle 1/2 Marathon (road)
Rock N Roll San Jose 1/2 Marathon (road)
Applied Materials Turkey Trot 5K (road)

2008 Races
Pat's Run 5K (road)
Kansas City Sports Turkey Trot 5K (road)
Rock N Roll San Jose 1/2 Marathon

2007 Races
Applied Materials Turkey Trot 5K (road)
Rock N Roll San Jose 1/2 Marathon (road)
Presidio 10K (road)

Gallery of Race Fries
We all have our race medals and Tshirts, but these are real race winnings.

These aren't fries. Obviously.
Mermaid Duathlon, 2010: Pulled pork over grits and bloody mary.

Bonus cheeseburger.
Rock N Roll San Jose Half Marathon 2009
Greek style with feta.
Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon 2009

Bonus iced tea.
Pat's Run 5K 2008.