Saturday, June 27, 2009


My yes, I do believe that is a PR.

With hills.

Granted, it's only 11 seconds faster than my last half, but with the hills, I'll take it.

And I'll be having my race fries now.

More later.


  1. Awesome! Congratulations Finny.

  2. Yay! Way to go, Finny. You rock! (And roll.)

  3. Woo hoo! Congratulations!

  4. All that worrying for nothing -
    great job! :-)

  5. WooHoo!!! Congratulations Finny! You're AMAZING! Was it fun???

    On another topic -- can you tell me how to take notes on a blackberry? I googled it, but I get links related to MS Notes, so I can't figure it out.


    And no puking reported, either. Rock on, Finn.

  7. 2:24 - Yay for you! Usually I lurk. Well, always I lurk. I'm running my first half in August (RNR Chicago). I would love to finish at or under 2:30 but all those race calculators tell me that my 12 min mile isn't going to make it. How do you feel about pace groups?

  8. Amy, Decca, Lera, Elizabeth, C - Thank you for all the support!!!

    Thimbleanna - Thank you AND - I'll email you separately. Since, you know, not everyone will find my BB advice so exciting.

    Kris - Thank gawd no puking.

    JRB - Congrats! Yeah, so I don't usually follow pace groups, just because I'm more of a loner (like to be in my own head, listening to tunes and thinking about, you know, what I'm going to wear to work on Monday or whatever bullshit), but I do use those pace bracelets you can custom build on Basically you put in your mileage (13.1) and your projected finish (2:30) and it will build you a bracelet that you can print and tape around your wrist that will show you where you should be timewise at each mile marker. Example: "Mile 1 - 10:18" or whatever. They're a little old school now, since people use those tatoo things and watches, but I still use them and like them so, whatever. Hope that helps! Have fun!

  9. Nice work! And, you are SO lucky you were out of town this weekend. It was like a million degrees in the Bay Area. Ugh.

  10. Yay Finny!

    (For both the run and for coming here to post about it. I have no such excuses.)

  11. I'm going now to check it out. Thanks!

  12. you rock, Finnberg. Very, very proud of you.

  13. WWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Finny! Yay you. Congrats! That's awesome.


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