Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seriously. Really. Totally done with the sweater.

Seamless Hybrid Sweater
Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Navy (854)
Needles: Addi Turbos 6 & 7 (12" & 24"), Yarn needle, Wool needle

In just a shade under three months, I've managed to actually really finish Bubba's sweater and WOW it doesn't look like horse shit.

I mean, WOW. WOW, people!

And, really, thank gawd.

Because if after the ordering and returning and reordering of yarn, needles and books, all the math and figuring and feeling retarded, the ripping and reworking and inventing of careful labeling systems, the knitting, reknitting and reknitting yet again of the collar, this thing didn't look awesome and fit awesome and machine wash/dry awesome - someone would have to die.

Like, I would have so much rage and disappointment and sadness and woe that I'd either have to throw myself into traffic or give up knitting altogether.

THAT is how serious this was.

But serious is so boring and scary, so let's instead enjoy the not boring, serious or scariness of TEE DAH! the finished Seamless Hybrid Sweater for Bubba.

We don't really do serious around here anyway.

When asked to model the cuffs, he struck a pose common to his early teenage years. Kidding.

This is when he noticed that Jada had been helping me knit his sweater, too. Thanks, puppy!

I had to view the collar and shoulder panels from every angle because, let's face it, there's not much else to see.

Who has two fingers and an awesome sweater they'll wear everyday in the winter time? Bubba does.

Perhaps we're all just a little relieved that it's done.

So, now, obviously, I'll be knitting myself a sweater. A top down raglan one. Likely from this same book and likely in some sort of non-wool, machine wash/dry yarn. Taupe maybe. Or cream.

Don't worry, I'll tell you alllllllllll about it. Later.

For now though, I'm off to Seattle to try to kill myself running hills. Wish me luck! Or just, at least, cross your fingers that I make it across the finish line without bringing shame upon myself in a very public and grotesque way.


  1. WooHoo!!! It's beautiful Finny -- excellent work! And the best part is that this is absolute proof -- you're SO not retarded.

    Have a great time running -- Good Luck!

  2. It looks great! It fits him perfectly. You are a knitting queen.

  3. Anna - Thank you! I am so glad to be officially not retarded! Although, the process by which I arrived at this finished sweater suggests otherwise.

    MichelleB - The fact that it fits him is, by no means, a small miracle. I still can't believe.

  4. Bubba is an excellent sweater model. It's like L.L. Bean, only Finny-made. And no lame poses on a beach in boat shoes.

    You should totally do a photo shoot like that for your sweater modeling.

    Good luck with the hilly run! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you don't throw up.

    I have high hopes for you, obviously.

  5. Oh isn't accomplishing a feat like that just so delicious?! Congrats on finishing, and have fun in Seattle! :)

  6. Wow finny that looks fantastic! Not that I expected it to suck or anything, but it really looks great! Plus, I love Bubba's modeling faces. He may really have a career there.

    Good luck on your race! Conquer those hills!!

  7. Luck, Finny. Don't die.

  8. The sweater turned out great! Too bad it's too warm to wear it right now. Now, there's something to look forward to in winter.
    One rule: You can not die, running hills in Washington. Just don't do it!
    Have fun instead!

  9. This project has certainly been full of many trials and tribulations. I'm so pleased for you that it's finally done. It looks fabulous and I'm quite enjoying the funny poses showing off the fabulous new sweater.

  10. Oh, no way! I can't believe that anyone at all is capable of knitting a sweater, let alone one so fine. Nobody - but nobody - is going to smirk and say, "What, did your wife make that for you?" Oh no. They'll be asking where they can purchase their own, but too bad for them, because they can't.

    Aw yeah.

    OK, girl, here's to another big (*clean*) finish in Seattle!

  11. Great sweater! You have given me inspiration to knit something larger than a stuffed animal.

    Have fun in Seattle! You'll be about an hour north of me. :) I wish I could join you but I didn't start training soon enough. NEXT YEAR!!!

  12. I think I'm more impressed that you convinced Bubba to put on a sweater and pose when it's like 90 degrees out. It must be love.

    Have a great time in Seattle. Are you taking a cab to the race?

    Word verification: Supme. "Everyday I look at myself in the mirror and say 'sup, me?"

  13. Woot! It turned out great Fin, it fits him really well! I'm gonna have to get all your notes..... ;-)

    Good luck with the run. I'm couch potato to 5K-ing it right now. I'm not very good yet.....but I like it and that's all that matters, right? Seattle's a great town.....

  14. Good luck with the run!
    I am impressed with your three month knitting time. It took me three YEARS to fininsh the first sweater that I ever knit for my husband. I then overcompensated for that bit of lazyness and knit the second one in 5 days.
    I really like the color that you selected as well - it seems to be perfect for your Bubba :)

  15. Yay Bombshell! And you even got MTB to model on the blog, wow! How charitable of him.

    Very excited to know you are in the same state now... I'm getting butterflies for your race! Don't die, ok, because Ale is getting some major menus put together for you.

    See you dopo domani!!

  16. good luck on your race!

  17. I am so glad this came out so nicely for you both after all that work! Really well done, Fin. Brava!

  18. Congrats on finishing, and on actually liking it! That's pretty sweet.

    Good luck with the race! And the hill...

  19. Bubba's sweater is beautiful. I think you should knit yourself the February Lady Sweater. Its top down and I think you would love it. Bonk should start one too.

  20. Hey, that Bubba of yours is kinda cute. Especially in that last picture.

  21. Great sweater! Handsome hubby! Hilarious photo captions; they totally crack me up. Thanks for the free endorphins!


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