Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Instead of wool, you get beans

I had intended to be finished with Bubba's sweater by now and be all ready to show it off you to with its seamless seams and fancy ass hems and all, except that I foiled my own plans again and managed to run out of yarn halfway through the hem of the sweater.

Now the thing is all rolling hems and collar and cuffs I can't be showing that to y'all because, ew.

To me, nothing says Amateur Hour like rolled hems, cuffs and collar. Even though I've made items for myself with such hems, cuffs and collars - that's OK. That's what I was going for. The whole Matrix look and all.

But with Bubba's sweater, I'm not so much going for the look of "Civilization has evaporated and this is all they had left on the Nebuchadnezzar" as I am the look of "Hey I might have bought this sweater in a store that sells clothes to people."

This is really one time that I want a garment to be worn in public and not receive the, "Hey did your wife make that?" comment.

SO - until such a time comes, when I can present this sweater to you with appropriate cuffs, collar and hem - you get beans.

Which, even in Bubba's opinion, is OK. Because what are we going to do with wool sweaters in June, anyway? Beans are way more useful.

See, our tepee is quite active. It's also beginning to list slightly in one direction where the tippy top beans have gotten more dense on one side than the other, so I may begin panicking or propping the tepee up soon, depending on how dramatic the list becomes.

Right now, the list is happening more on a Big Ben level than a Tower of Pisa level, but with sun in the forecast, things could change pretty quickly. Especially if all the beans on the heavy side all grow at once in the sunny days to come.


It's good for the Garden Tracker, though, because green beans aren't cheap when you get them organic and local and all, so big yields mean we hit zero barrier on the budget sooner. And now I'll stop using bizarre semi-Sci-Fi references so we all can know what I'm talking about.

Basically, it also means we get to eat beans sooner. And more often. And just the way we like them. Which is to say, roasted simply with extra virgins and some sea salt.

And here we have the #1 batch of roasted green beans alongside homemade falafel.

I've heard a rumor that my wool is being shipped to me today, so perhaps I will be able to show you something un-rolly in a few weeks' time. If not, I'm sure there will be more beans.

And maybe cucumbers? I TEASE!


  1. Wow, your beans look great -- both freshly picked as well as roasted. My beans aren't working out well at all; I strongly suspect it's where I planted them. There are flowers all over my zucchini and cucumber plants so I do have high hopes for an actual yield on those.

  2. Cool beans! Way better than wool at this time of year, although over here, ya know, coastside wise, it's cool, so wool might be nice. The beans look great both fresh off the bean pole and straight out of the roaster.

  3. Yum -- fresh green beans! Wool is for winter -- beans are for summer!!!

  4. My bean plants are about 3 inches high at the moment, so no beans for us. I don't want a sweater, either. I guess I'll just have some more lettuce.

    Is it possible to die of roughage overload?

  5. This makes me so excited for my beans. I planted one row of bush beans, then when my peas did NOTHING (little fuckers), I replaced them with bush beans. Then I couldn't decide what to do with the rest of my rhubarb beds...you guessed it: more bush beans! So I'll be using my new craigslist foodsaver to keep them in my new craigslist freezer for the winter. Yahoo!

  6. Roasted (or grilled) is my favorite way to consume just about any vegetable, especially beans. When I serve vegetables to people, their first reaction is usually, "Um, why are they brown all over?" And then they take a bite, and there's no need to answer.

    Also, I am jealous of your beans. My plants are only about 6 inches tall. Every day I go out there and they have grown exactly nothing. Bastards.

  7. Oooh, I love the fava and the other beans. Good for you! And I can't wait to see the finished pics of this sweater after all the talk. Glad you've got wool headed your way.

  8. Yowsa! The green beans look incredible. Congrats on your bumper crop. We grew some Kentucky Wonders a year or so ago and yours make me want to do it again this year.

    I ADORE falafel. I usually buy the mix. I'd kill for your homemade recipe. (You won't make me do that, will you? ;o)


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