Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Craft: along 2009 : July

Dear Donk,

There's no traffic on the freeway (well, let's say there's less), it's hot enough to inspire Bubba to install our attic fan (YES) and, whoopsy, there wasn't a lot of action in the Craft: along photo pool for June.

And so I believe this tells us that summer is here.

Summer is here and HELLO baking isn't as fun as it was, say, back in November when I was wearing all my clothes and trying to warm the house by any means necessary.

But, for those of you who did man up and bake - I bow to you. You are a strong people.

Particularly, NutsyCoco who worked through the Carrot Cake Cookie recipe without wavering and actually made the homemade frosting, which is I'm sure the thing that would have put my WT version over the top.

So, I'm lazy, we know this.

But - Nutsy - congrats! You're this month's Craft: along winner!

So, send me your home address (and full name, unless you want your mail arriving Attn: Nutsy Coco, which is fine by me, but you know) to finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom and I'll send you off your prize. I promise it will not include winter items like a snowman kit or anything.

I get it, y'all - summer = fun outside time not let's heat up the house with cookies time.

SO - for July, let's go with projects that are useful in the summer. Like, say, a Tshirt transformed into a swimsuit cover-up OR a quick knit summer scarf.

The deal with the Tshirt transformation is that you can transform a Tshirt into anything, for the purposes of our Craft:along (including a swimsuit cover-up) OR you can make a swimsuit cover-up from whatever materials you desire (including a Tshirt) for the purposes of Singer, our Craft:along and your own selfish needs.

The beauty is that you stand to win TWO prizes because Singer (you know, those folks that make all them fancy sewing dealies) is hosting a Swimsuit Cover-up Contest through 7/16/09 and you could win things like a sewing machine, dress form or MakerShed gift card by adding your project photos to their photo pool. And, you know, if you win our July Craft: along challenge, you could win, like, something else that's not any of those things.

Sound fun? I thought it would. And I'm about to do AIDS Walk SF again, so, you know, I'll have some extra shirts.

ALSO - don't forget - if you are feeling knitty, you could bang out a quick summer scarf for use in the office, in the event that you're about to go back to work from being on sabbatical for two months and GEEZ they keep your building like a goddamn ice box even though we're all super concerned about conserving resources.

I'm just saying that I've heard other people might work in similar conditions. Where you bring bunny slippers to work in July because as soon as it hits 80 degrees outside, the office goes all Alaskan tundra and shit.

So, yay! New projects for July and none of them involve turning on the oven. Just upload your final project photos to our pool by the end of the month if you want to win The Mystery Box* and to Singer's pool by 7/16/09 if you want to try to win that fancy ass machine.


*While The Mystery Box could be anything, I will tell you it's not a boat. And if the people at Twentieth Century Fox weren't such outstanding douche bags, I could link to something that would explain what I mean.



  1. Um, yeah, about the homemade frosting...I was all set to make it and even left my butter out to soften one night while the hubby and I ran out to do a few quick things, but then it was 9pm when we got back from those "quick" things and I didn't feel like baking and put the butter back in the fridge AND decided the WT way was the way to go. So there you have it. My cookies are a farce.

  2. Uh-oh. A scandal here on the Craft Along 2009. What to do? Those cookies look great -- WT version or not. Sabbatical soon over? VERY SAD!

  3. I couldn't read anything after the words, "Bubba installed an attic fan." DETAILS, please! We had one in an apartment we used to live in and it was awesome! Was it hard to install? Do you need anything special to have one (other than, duh, and attic?)?

    Much obliged,toots.

  4. A. I love the scarf. B. I love you for running with this right now considering I thought today would be the first day without crying in three weeks, and I WAS WRONG.
    C. I want a mystery box. Of booze.
    Love you,

  5. A delightful project... and very nicely composed :) Best wishes.


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