Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Running update: No stretcher required

I wanted to check back in with y'all, post-shortish long run and "speedwork", so that you didn't think I actually had to have Bubba come fetch me from the hither part of our neighborhood with a stretcher after all.

Because it turns out that the Impressive Suck Fest of yore (last Thursday) was something of a fluke.

Flukey in the sense that all the stars aligned, apparently, just in time for me to have that shit-ay run and I have no one to thank for the alignment of the stars but my good old self.

Yeah, I can align the stars? What of it? I can't use my powers for good, so don't get excited.

Based on my previous theories, and the very diligent avoiding of their repetition for the two following runs, I have decided that a few things are crucial and now worth adding to my Supah Technical Training:

(FYI: These all fall squarely into the Duh Category so no need to, like, comment as such.)
  • Eat carbs the night before any run
  • Drink water when thirsty the night before any run
  • Keep taking your pill because you know why
Basically, I was so traumatized by my crap run on Thursday, that I took careful measures (ie. I paid attention to what I was doing for five minutes) prior to my following runs so that I didn't have to call out the Marines to rescue me from 8 miles away.

I drank water with my carbs (pizza counts as carbs) on Friday night and had a not bad 8 mile shortish-long run on Saturday, and then drank water with my carbs (rice with Korean BBQ counts, too) last night and finished my speedwork in the 24s this morning.

I was pushing to get into the 23s, but was shy by 0:00:17. So close. Maybe too much BBQ.

So, the downward spiral of my feeble running career seems to be on hold for now. And, by some twist of fate, I've begun taking things like nutrition and hydration into consideration for the sake of this running I continue to do.

This might sound like the formation of a more formal training regimen, but don't be fooled, I'm as lackadaisical with my training as ever. Especially if you consider the amount of wine I had the night before my 7 mile shortish-long run and how, this weekend, I'm totally pushing off my shortish-long 9 mile run until next weekend because, instead, Bubba is taking me away to the beach for the celebrating of our #5 anniversary.

And I can't be running on a beach! That'd be ridiculous!

Not to mention painful, sweaty and a waste of a good morning's lounging about in a gigantic hotel bed with Bubba and maybe some tasty room service.

So, like, don't worry about me getting all Extreme Wraparound Sunglasses Runner on you or anything because when faced with the serious dilemma of Running or Lounging, I will choose Lounging at all the right times.


  1. I WAS wondering how you did.

    No stretcher is good.

  2. Happy 5 to you and Bubba. That was a wonderful wedding and a beautiful day. (Oh, and your minister and your DJ were amazing!)

  3. OK- everytime I read your running posts I feel like a lazy fat blob. Boo to that. I would love to trying running, or evne moderately walking. But I'm sure my neighbors wouldn't want to see that. Can't blame them.

  4. I never thought about what to eat or drink the night before any exercising efforts, but it makes sense. It probably applies to any major exertion besides running, too. Thanks for sharing, I learn a lot from you.

  5. I'm happy to hear that your runs are improving. Some days running just sucks.

    I just started back (Monday and Wednesday) since my latest knee aches. I know it's only a matter of time before I'm sidelined again and starting over ... again.


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