Monday, June 23, 2008

And strawberry ice cream, too. [RECIPE]

We're going to be such fatties at our house, what with all the pie and ice cream eating, but that's hardly stopping us.

I like to think that using FF or 1% milk will keep us from busting our buttons, but who knows what happens when you are mixing that with cups of sugar. And we all know I'm not doing the math, so if my pants start getting all snug around the waistline I guess I'll have to reconsider the Only Pie and Ice Cream diet we've been on lately.

It's just, what are we going to do with all these strawberries if we're not putting them into pie and ice cream? I mean, WHENEVER ELSE do you have so many strawberries at your disposal that you can do crazy ass shit like pour two whole pints into a whirling ice cream maker and not be thinking HOLY CRAP I just poured two whole pints of strawberries in there?

See, it's a rare occasion, which means that it's OK that we're eating pie and ice cream all the time because there's, like, no other time in our whole lives when the strawberries will be abundant quite like this. Certainly not next summer or next week or anything. No.

So, you see, the story with the strawberry ice cream goes like this:

Once upon a time we signed up for the Great and Powerful Farm Share. And then every week since we've gotten 1-3 pints of strawberries. Plus a truckload of other produce which we then have to race and eat before the next week's truckload arrives.

Thus enters the pies and ice cream and shakes and Hey, I'll just eat these from the tupperware with my fork while I sit my ass in the garden and what not. Because WHOA we do not want to let strawberries go bad.


That would be a crime. A punishable and shameful crime for which I would never forgive myself. I just imagine myself sitting around all shivering and sad on a winter's day in my ugly gray sweater, thinking longingly about some strawberries knowing full well that I was so wasteful as to cast old ones aside during the summer months when they were plenty and available.

FOR SHAME I would say. And then I'd watch some football because that is what I do in the winter months when I'm not skiing. Then I'd probably make some Smoky Bacon Chili, because that is what I make when its cold out. But there wouldn't be any strawberries and for that, I would be sad.

So for now, we avoid wasting the delicious and abundant berries by putting them in pie, shakes, cereal, random open mouths, ice cream and in the future, jam.

Strawberry Ice Cream
Adapted from recipe
My changes in bold

1 qt. fresh strawberries, cored and stems removed (same as two pints I learned. Well, I'll be.)
1/2 qt. buttermilk
1/2 qt. 1%milk
2 c. sugar
Juice from one lemon

In a good sized bowl, puree your strawberries using an immersion blender until there are still some good sized chunks left. (UGH. I hate that word. Chunks. Filthy.) In that same bowl pour in your milks, sugar and lemon juice.

Now pour the whole mess into your spinning AND TOTALLY FROZEN ice cream maker bowl through the hole in the lid. 25 minutes later, remove it to the freezer after the obligatory taste-testing.

In a few hours have a strawberry ice cream feast and be somewhat less guilt-ridden knowing you used 1% milk at some point in there and it's *probably* not going straight to your ass.


  1. I hear you about the farm share. I have 2 kinds of cherry ice cream in the freezer.

    Might I also recommend the RonCo dehydrator? It has been resurrected by the farm share. Dried peaches? Yes, please!

  2. DAAAAMN that looks good - especially the top, extra pink picture! Be honest - did you put in a couple drops of food dye, spruce up the colors with Photoshop, or is that really how pink it turned out just from blendering the berries?

    YUUUUMMO! Unfortunately my berry plants aren't cranking out THAT many berries this year - not at any one time. Instead I get snacks of berries every couple days. Your pics right there might make it worth going out and buying MORE berries just to make this stuff!

    We had so much fun making ice cream two years ago with the ice cream maker we bought that, um, eh hm, we bought a second one. You know, dueling ice creams on the kitchen counter? (Play the banjo music now) And because it would be so much fun to actually make two different kinds at the same time for when we have friends over for all those ice cream parties?

    Plus we had a 20% off coupon.

    And we've NEVER had an ice cream party. Nor have we even made any ice cream yet this year.

    Hm, swiss chard ice cream?

    So you don't like "chunks"? What about moist chunks? ;-)

  3. We have so got to get an ice cream maker. At the moment when we have an abundance of strawberries (and we go to the U-pick farm, so the "abundance" is about 12 pounds) I make jam and then freeze a bunch. There is NOTHING like having strawberry shortcake in February. YUM.

  4. What kind of ice cream maker do you have? I think my kids would love making ice cream!

    I think I'll have to join a farm share next year (probably too late for this year?). Trying to cut out all the boxed food crap around here.

  5. For the love of god, stop!!! Do you have any idea the horror you are unleashing upon the world? Pie? Two kinds of ice cream? Do you want all of us to join you in the large ass watching football club? do? Um....never mind.

  6. Stop with the ice cream already! You're killing me here!!! (I think I'm going to suggest to Joe that he make ice cream this weekend when he gets home!)

  7. I think I've finally been convinced that I postively NEED an ice cream maker. I'm toying with the farm share too.
    The website is glitchy at this moment or I'd link it, but check out the ice cream recipes on Rick Bayless (dot com). He also has a snowcone recipe on there, a watermelon raspberry ice. Sounds heavenly.

  8. Oh my gosh... I was just sitting here tonight thinking about homemade strawberry ice cream... I think my fanny was getting larger just thinking about it :)~ Your pictures and recipe look and sound so yummy... I am simply starving now...

  9. oh ho ho...
    FF does NOT mean fat-free at my house. It means Fat F***. So, your opening lines had me laughing.

  10. Ohhhh looks so good! Can't wait to try out the recipe!

  11. Good Lord, now you know that I will have to run THE STAIRS at least twice to work off the ice cream I will consume now that I have got a full blown case of the craving.

    I wish I still lived in good old SJ just so that I could drop on by and help you finish up whatever pie, or ice cream, or gin you might be wishing was outta the house already. But, every so saddly, I did not find your blog until AFTER the big move to Seattle (but I swear, you would have been my platonic crush and we WOULD have eaten way too much and then ran it off together!).

  12. I'm hear to report back about my fresh raspberry chocolate chunk ice MILK that I made with the black cherry recipe. Love ya, Jess. Love what you were going for, but this is not ice CREAMy enough for me. I think I'd rather face the butterfat and have a smaller bowl (as if!). It WAS tasty but the mouth-feel, not so much.

    Food snobbery? Nope. Just cream cravery.

  13. Looks DELICIOUS! ~Dee

  14. you are a funny funny finny.

  15. I am recipe stalking you this week for sure. Sorry about that. I have this in my ice cream maker right now. I clearly have a smaller machine than you do because this filled my container twice. It is so delicious, and I am not about to complain about a double batch of it. cream.....


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