Tuesday, June 03, 2008

All food in pie form - Strawberries

We've long been believers in the Put It In a Pie Crust and I'll Eat It culinary method.

We're obviously very sophisticated and high brow.

Even things I normally loathe, like eggs, are suddenly acceptable and edible when there's a nice flaky shell between my taste buds and their wobbly blobbiness. And when you put something I love; like tomatoes, strawberries, lemon, chocolate, spicy sausage, whatever between layers of pastry dough - I'm, like, SO there.

So you can clearly see why I took one look at last week's three pint allotment of strawberries in the farm share and knew It Was Pie Time.

And, because I've been having salacious thoughts about strawberries and pie and pie crust for at least a few months, I had managed to Star up some good looking pie recipes in the Reader, to which I could refer during this time of Pie Need.

I went with this recipe from Cake Maker to the Stars, Kittee because it looked amazing, called for mysterious tofu cream cheese and she called it The Strawberry Pie You Must Make which totally convinced me. Hey - who am I to disagree with someone who bakes for the stars? Who do I think I am anyways? Not a star, that's for sure.

Plus the pictures looked really good and there is a big ladybug involved, so there you go.

And rather than adapt the recipe, like I'm prone to doing, I left it be and trusted that tofu cream cheese would not devastate and destroy the perfect strawberries I was sacrificing to the pie gods.

In the end, that meant 3 things:
  1. I learned that Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese is better than cream cheese, but really only if you can't eat dairy because it has about the same calories and fat (85/9g) as regular cream cheese. Whatever. Maybe next time I use reduced fat regular cream cheese because I'm not afraid of dairy but I am afraid of fatness.
  2. Cream cheese in a strawberry pie may now be a necessity because it is so good and soaks up the strawberry juiciness, thus saving the crust from sog
  3. You can get the recipe direct from Kittee's post since I didn't do any fucking with it that would necessitate my documenting my misguided steps here

Oh, and one more thing, when enjoyed with hot tea during the quiet wee hours of a Sunday morning while the dog and cat roll in the grass and no bastard squirrels are munching the garden, a person can imagine heaven on earth.

And that is as sappy as I'm prepared to be right now.


  1. Ok, now I've got this post Starred up in the Reader. I've been thinking about heading to the farmer's market on Saturday and I think this pie is just the motivation I need.

  2. Gotta say, your pics are actually better than the original! Yuuuummo! I'm not a fan of cheesecake (something about that tart + dairy thing?), but have been known to enjoy them when COVERED in sweet, gooey, moist (heh) fruity stuff...so maybe I'd like this. Plus it's so healthy for you with tofu! ;-)

    Looks finger licking good!

  3. OMG, that looks scrumptious! I'm also a member of the put it in a pie crust and I'll eat it club. Too funny...

  4. Ahhh. I see the culinary goddess of my bloglines is at it again. I've never had a strawberry pie with cream cheese before. No idea why -- it looks incredible. Yum!

  5. I'm.... going to have to try that. For it looks delicious. I'm drooling on my keyboard over here, which is always the look you want to go for in the office.

  6. OMG! I couldn't resist and had to post a comment--looks soooo delicious! ~D

  7. Must. Have.
    Too busy salivating to type.
    And no one gets hurt.

  8. glad you liked the pie! sadly, strawberry season is over down here, i think blueberries are coming up next. i have a good no bake blueberry pie recipe too. so there's that...



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