Thursday, June 05, 2008

Does NOT taste like a horses ass

Fava Bean Hummus
Doesn't it look like wasabi? So green it made me nervous.

2 cups shelled and cooked fava beans/broadbeans/whatever the hell you call them
2 cloves of garlic
Juice from 1/2 lemon
1T Extra virgins
Salt and pepper to taste
Potentially a little H20

To cook your fava beans, remove them from their sleeping bag pods and boil them in seasalty water for a few minutes or until you see the outer skins start to split. Drain the beans and run cold water over them to cool their molten lava exterior so you don't burn the crap out of your fingers when you then squeeze each bean from its protective outer casing into a bowl.

In a food processor combine favas, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. I start with about a tsp of salt and pepper and work it out from there. I like things salty, so there ended up being a lot more than 1 tsp salt in the final product.

Blend the ever-loving crap out of it until it's a nice puree and looks like wasabi. If your mixture is not mixing, try adding a little water, more lemon juice or a little more olive oil to get it to smooth out. If you're really crazy and not as afraid of the fatness as I am, you could add some tahini because it would be really yummy I predict. HOWEVER, again, this could result in Horses Ass taste, for which I will not be responsible. But if you try this and it's good, tell me exactly HOW good it is and then I can decide whether it's worth setting aside my aforementioned fear of fatness.

Once your hummus is hummusy, I can suggest serving it with some nice toasted organic rye (thank you bread share), crisp radishes (thank you farm share), fresh arugula (farm share) and parmesan, sea salt and cracked pepper.

I can tell you that, to me, it did not taste like a horses ass. It also didn't taste exactly like your average hummus because, well, it's made from fava beans rather than chickpeas/garbanzo beans/whatever the hell YOU call them, so it tastes like fava beans. I predict that if you like fava beans enough to eat them by their lonesome, then you'd like fava hummus. And if you layer enough stuff onto a big piece of toast with your hummus then chances are even better you'll like it.

I won't say who Bubba, but someone with whom I was dining enjoyed a good amount of pepper and parmesan on top. Then there's me. I liked the hummus so much that I shunned the bread and just started dipping radishes right in the hummus so that I could legitimize the amount of hummus going into my mouth.

I figured jamming my finger right in it or getting a spoon from the kitchen wouldn't leave me a lot of wiggle room in the "Everything in Moderation" department. A concept with which I am constantly doing battle.

My thought is this, if I really like something (Nutella, pie, green olive tapenade, brie, gin, Lay's potato chips), there's no use in trying to satisfy my craving AND exercise restraint at the same time. It just always ends in disaster because if I try to trick my craver by having a tiny bite of brie smeared onto a big old cracker, I'll just go back and have a hundred crackers with the same tiny bite of brie on them in order to get to the big slice of brie I wanted in the first place.

Had I just had my big slice of brie and none of the pesky crackers in the first place, it probably wouldn't have been as naughty in the calorie department as that same amount of brie on top of a hundred crackers. Right?

SO - I just go ahead and have the big slice of brie or the big slice of pie or the big scoop of Nutella
or the double G&T or all the Lay's I can eat before Bubba snatches the bag from me, and thus, save myself the unsuccessful trickster calories I would have eaten in crackers, toast, fruit or sandwiches. (Bubba's rule is that you only eat chips when you're also having a sandwich).

I think you understand my crazy girl math on this one.

Anyway, we had this for dinner on Saturday after we tried to kill ourselves with pupusas for lunch. It was a nice light dinner and went well with the local Syrah gifted to us by our lovely neighbors. It also didn't fight with the pupusas in the belly, which was a bonus. Those bitches can get feisty.

There's a bit left in the fridge, so I imagine that I'll finish it tonight, along with a slice or two of the leftover rye and arugula and radishes so that I can make room for whatever the farm share doles out this PM.

Also - coming soon I will have a very important Adopt a Crop update that you will not want to miss if you like cucumbers, garden ramblings and the probability of dick jokes.

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  1. That is some crazy looking hummus. I will have to bookmark this in case I ever have fava beans... I think I would be very afraid of them. Or call them something else, much like I called the radishes in my CSA share beets...


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