Tuesday, July 01, 2008

FaDSA: May/June WINNER + July Project

Dear Donk,

Are you ever coming home? I miss you and our never-ending email strings. I'm very selfish, because I know you're taking care of those who really need it, but Finny misses you and wants you to come home already.

Meanwhile in The House of FaDSA, many fun things have been going on. For instance, the making and show-and-telling of some HOT wrap skirts.

I will say that I'm very impressed with the overcoming of bizarre obstacles and creating of totally wearable and beautiful skirts that occurred in this group. Y'all are no wimps, that's for sure. And diligent as the day is long.


This double month project winner, of all the Hardcore FaDSArs that stuck it out through May and June, is Denverbrunette.

Not only is her skirt amazing and in the groovinest fabric ever - she strutted a sweet pose for the pool and really created a wardrobe item. At least, in my opinion anyway.

That is the thing with sewing clothes, I've found, is that I may find a pattern I love and a fabric I love and go to all the trouble of sewing it all up only to find that, meh, I doubt I'll really wear it. And then it gets shunned to the back of the closet or the bottom of a drawer and eventually gets shuffled off to Goodwill under the shroud of night or whatever.

Not this skirt though! I imagine Denverbrunette will have herself a few saucy outings in this cute wrap. Great job!

Now send me over your full name and home address to finnyknits AT gmail DOT com so I can send you a prize befitting your efforts.

Everyone else - GOOD JOB with the darts and ribbon belt (so glad the blanket binding was helpful to some. It quite literally saved this skirt from the Goodwill treatment for me.) and what not.

I think next month's project needs to be something a little more lighthearted. And given the free-spiritedness that comes with summertime, I say we call it Dealer's Choice so that you can pick and choose the pattern YOU really want to make from the kid's patterns in the book.

So, make up a terry cloth toy or an imp hat or a confetti raincoat OR if you are a genius and can rework a grown-up's pattern for a kid - GO FOR IT. You'll have my admiration just for the math, that is for sure.

And then you can gift it to some nice child that needs a bath or a clean shirt or dry shoulders or a pin-tucked runner for their dollhouse.

And then meet back here on August 1, when Kelli will reveal the month's winner and August's project while I drunkenly wander the beaches of Costa Rica with Bubba.



  1. How i am missing my Finny! Good work on selecting a winner! I swear that Denverbrunette is one awesome seamstress. She is working that skirt. And yahoo for a new project! I may or may not have purchased us both new African fabrics today. Okay, I did. I can't keep a secret.
    Home in just a few days. Can't wait to catch up with you. Miss you lots and tell Bubba I love him too.

  2. CUUUUUTE! Congratulations to Denverbrunette! Unfortunately I wimped out on this project.. but I love everyone's skirts so I think I will get around to it eventually!

  3. the skirt is to die for! she did a fab job! i do the same thing you do when i make clothes for myself. the sexy picture in my mind NEVER comes out. i have not worn anything i have sewn for myself, except for an apron. Oh well, I think i will stick to making things for smaller people.

  4. I am so flattered!
    Thanks for the kudos. Also glad you're complimenting my pose rather than saying something like, "Hmmmm, she has a really flat chest."

  5. Fin, how do I join? I just got a sewing machine, and I am itching to make something....The fabric stores near where I live suck ass though, I had no idea fabric was so pricey...



    Lynn - Wimp! Just kidding. I doubt I could sew anything with a cute Corgi running around my house. Go cuddle Lucy!

    Philigry - Good thing you knit such cute stuff. I have yet to knit something other than a scarf or mittens that I actually wear.

    Hooli - Your prize is on the way!

    Fury - You're joined! Just get the book (Simple Gifts to Stitch) and make the project of the month by the end of the month. When you're finished, add your photos to our Flickr group and blog about your experience sewing, if you want. The blogging part isn't required, but it's fun to see how everyone worked out the pattern. Then come back to our blogs (www.africankelli.com and finnyknits.com) at the beginning of the month to find out the winner and the next month's project. Go!

  7. I'm all over it :) July 31st? I can handle it. Oh and trust me, I am sure to have a few words to add to my blog about this. The poor thing is wilting from lack of my attention anyhow. :)




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