Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I do this because I'm self-involved. Enjoy.

UPDATE: If you wanted to be interviewed but didn't leave your email address, please shoot it to me at finnyknitsATgmailDOTcom so I can send you your questions. Stupid Blogger doesn't give your email unless you have it listed on your Blogger profile, so there are a few of you for whom I don't have an email address. Sorry, y'all.

I like to consider Kristin at Going Country something of a kindred spirit. Not because we lead similar lives (hardly, she's on a farm in NY and I'm in a suburb in Silicon Valley), but because we have a lot of weird things in common which I find amusing.

I won't get into all those here because it's none of your beeswax, but I will say that one thing we have in common is our interest in ourselves. Like, I am very interested in ME and she is very interested in HER and in that we have bonded in a way that only two very self-involved people can.

A weird awkward way that involves swearing and the sharing of cocktail recipes. Whatever.

SO - what I'm saying is that when she offered to interview readers with questions that SHE would make up for THEM, I saw it as a perfect chance to:

A. Challenge her to create questions to which she did not already know the answers.

B. Spend some time talking all about my favorite topic, Me. Yes, we know I'm very self-involved, so don't look at me all like that.

Turns out the whole challenge thing wasn't a challenge for Kris - because she's that way and so now I'm here to make good on my part of the deal in which I answer her interview questions for your amusement and my own.

Please to enjoy.

1) What one song always reminds you of a particular event or time in your life? And what was the event or time?
Cyndi Lauper's, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" reminds me of riding in the back of my mom's car on the way to swim practice. Every time I hear it (which, granted, is rare these days) I can practically smell the chlorine in my nose.

2) What's your favorite thing about your husband?
In addition to the fact that he's SUPER handy and can fix nearly anything, he is also THE most hysterical person I know. The fact that he vowed to devote the rest of his life to entertaining me with his hilarity is very satisfying.

3) What's the single best food or dish you've ever eaten?
Quattro fungi pizza in Rome. Hands down. I think there was some fucking truffle oil on it, too. Just to make it all the more ridiculously good. I ate the whole thing even though I was so stuffed and was sitting at a table of extremely hot Italian men. No shame.

4) What's the worst food you've ever cooked yourself?
Tofu. Stupid boogery, goopy, "Martha says it's good so try it" tofu. Sucked ass, that tofu. And, as such, so does Martha.

5) How (or from whom) did you learn how to knit?
I learned from instructions I printed off the Internet. Which is how I ended up knitting "the weird way" instead of "the normal way", like everyone tells me. For the record, The Continental/German/Traditional Method is not "the weird way". YOU'RE THE WEIRD WAY.

And now you know some more ME things because, obviously, I don't talk about ME enough on MY blog.

I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm not.

However, in the name of fair play (and in an effort to not be a total beotch), I wanna interview one of you guys, too. If you'll have me, of course. I do love to know all about you lovely nice people who come here and brave my bitching, even if it's just so I'll know to whom I should direct the police later when you become a stalker.

To play Finny's Going to Ask You Five Potentially Embarrassing and Inappropriate Questions game:
  1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me! I'm not afraid!" or something similar.
  2. I'll email you five questions that will likely have questionable content or swears.
  3. You then update your blog with answers to my questions (no editing the questions) and link back to the original post.
  4. And you can decide whether you want to include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in that post.
  5. If you go this route and people want to be interviewed, you do it.
So, if you don't blush easily or like the challenge of truthfully answering sketchy questions, feel free to indicate your interest in a Finny interview in the comments. If you just want to comment but don't want to be interviewed, I totally will not take it personally because I would be wary of me, too.



  1. Awwwww, man, you're SO lucky that you knit the weird way! I tried for a solid month to change my knitting to that way, but no-can-do. It's so much faster and cooler!

  2. You learned how to knit from the INTERNET? Jesus. That's some dedication, right there.

    That was a highly entertaining and gratifyingly narcissistic answer session. It occurs to me, however, that my questions were strangely lacking in any cuss words. Let me remedy that now:

    That was fucking AWESOME, Finny.

  3. I, too, knit the weird way. But nobody has commented on it. Maybe because I don't know many real life knitters.

  4. Yo from Albuquerque. I was all totally ready to jump up and yell "Interview me! I'm not afraid." And I even know lots of good swear words. But then you said blog, as in I needed to have one. And I don't. Alas.

    But I do have some bitchin' lemon cookies to ease my disappointment. Oooohh....and tomorrow morning it'll be time for breakfast again. Sah-weet.


  5. I can't believe you taught yourself to knit on the world wide web! That is fantastic.

    I must also be self involved because my first thought was, "Ooh! I wish someone would interview me!"

  6. I knit the weird way too (when I actually knit, that is) and I learned from the internet as well ( is pure awesomeness).

    And isn't the whole point of a blog to be self-involved? Anyway, Finny, I am not afraid. On my blog, I've shared the fact that I accidentally wore my homecoming dress backwards, so I can't imagine what you could ask me that would be embarrassing. Although now I've created a challenge so maybe I should be worried.

  7. okay--- wow. Just read your summary-of-food-eaten-in-rome post. It's just after 9 am here, and I am now craving lamb skewers?!

    I'll volunteer for the interview questions as well ! I could use a little mid-week entertainment.

  8. oooh, pick me, pick me!

    if it's any solace, I learned to purl incorrectly. I knit an entire hat and scarf in a rib pattern before I figured it out- I was sitting next to my friend who was purling, and I was all, "umm, what kind of stitch do you think you're doing? that's not purling!" she was all, "ummm, yes it is." Oops.

  9. Ooohhh - interview me! It'll be fun, I promise. I have a blog (am I supposed to link to it here? I don't want to be all spammy about it...)

  10. Me. I'll say it again for emphasis:


  11. Well, now that I am officially out of the closet about lurking on your blog, I'll post again. (After leaving you a message about WT casserole yest-a day.)

    I too, knit the weird way. I think it is faster and easier too. I'm impressed you learned on the internets...My G'ma taught me, and I never realized there was another way until a few years ago.

  12. You could totally interview me. But I might lie.

  13. Pick me because a) I'm interesting to a select few AS WELL as myself and b) because YOU WANT TO.


  14. What the hell. I am up for an interview.

    I have no idea how I knit. Weird or normal, all I know is it is sloooooooow. I knit damn slow.

  15. What the hell. I am up for an interview.

    I have no idea how I knit. Weird or normal, all I know is it is sloooooooow. I knit damn slow.

  16. Secrets to yummy Tofu = Braggs Liquid Aminos, Extra Firm Tofu, butter, fresh veggies, and high heat.

  17. Ok, my answers are posted here:

  18. ok. five qs beotch. bring it.

  19. Also, you have been very busy and I have a lot of reading catch-up to do. Thanks for keeping me and my cold cold ass entertained over here.

  20. That was harder than I expected it to be! :) I think I came up with interesting answers though...with visual aides even! Thanks Finny, that was fun!

    I'd also like to note that my recaptcha word today was SCOOMM. I want to know what that means.

  21. Your answer to No.2 makes me want to have a Husband. Yours sounds great!


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