Thursday, August 24, 2006

Let's not pretend

So, I'll be honest, I was going to *try* to not open my birthday present from Kelli until next week when it's my actual birthday.

Yes, really, for about five seconds I was going to *try*.

Then, in true Finny form, I said fuck it and opened it with hands a whirring and paper and ribbon flying every which way. Much in the same fashion you'd imagine the Tazmanian devil to open a birthday gift or demolish a small town.

Why open a gift in such a voracious fashion? Well, #1 I still love my birthday even though Hubby tells me that this enthusiastic behavior will begin to wane soon. And #2 This is a gift from the ever thoughtful and all-Finny-knowing AfricanKelli (or Donk as I call her) so I knew it would be great.

Was I right? O'course!

Let me summarize all the greatness that is this birthday gift a la Donk:
  • Unabashedly orange dish towel (am I right?) turned handy knitting needle case
  • Perfectly handknit and felted lime green and purty blue stripeeed button hole bag
  • Fantastically orange note cards tied with the loveliest lime green ribbon
  • Awesomely adorable YET also mildly hilarious photo of the Donk herself trying not to pet a cow in Nicaragua
Why do I love all these things? Let me count the ways:
  1. Orange and lime green are my ridiculously favorite colors
  2. A photo of Kelli trying *not* to touch this adorable cow that I would have literally bear hugged is simply riotous
  3. That beautiful buttonhole bag was so perfect that it was put into use mere moments after the gift was successfully outed from it's shipping box (perfect project bag - I love, love it long time already)
  4. Those orange note cards will be excellent backdrops for all the photos I've been taking and not posting on this here blog
There are prolly more ways to count, but let's not get crazy (to quote my dad.) End of the day - this birthday is off to a fine start and just a short week away. Woot!

Oh, and the FurBeast had a birthday surprise in for me as well.

This is her saying, "Hey look at me! I can jump up on your bed again! Aren't you excited?! I am going to leave you a furry heap of formerly clean laundry right here for your birthday!"

For those of you who aren't fully acquainted with my cat/sheepdog, she is, let us say, large. And since moving into this house (and especially since buying a new taller Tempurpedic mattress) she has been blessedly unable to jump up on our bed, and thus fur up our pillows/sheets/faces. It has been nice. Until now. She has found her way back up onto the bed and therefore we will be waking up with furry faces for the foreseeable future.

But it is kinda nice to have our foot warmer back. Especially since she can cover all four of our feet at once.


  1. very nice gifts! love the bag and needle roll.

    when is your birthday??

  2. sweeeeeeeeeet! let birthday week begin!

  3. qqHappy Birthday to you! Nice blog btw- and love the fact that I am not the only one with a cat hair problem!

  4. Lera - Isn't Kelli the best? I am loving each gift! My birthday is next week, 8/29. I will likely be announcing as such on Tuesday because I'm that self involved.

    Caro - Hubby feels lucky that it has gone from birthday month to birthday week. It used to be MUCH worse.

    Prarie Chick - We have hair issues running amok in this house. Between me (long blonde hair) and Rocket, there are furballs the size of wooly mammoths roaming the halls. Thank god we have a Dustbuster.

  5. yay!!! I am so happy it arrived and you love it. It warms my little heart. seriously cannot wait for the donk-fin reunion at La Pinata in a few weeks. Watch out ground beef in Phoenix, two hungry mamas are coming your way.

    And if I don´t get back on a computer this week, happiest of birthdays to you my friend!!

    Oy, one more thing -- seriously LOVE the planting station and garden equipment. Andy is the best!!

  6. Lookie Furbeast! Best joy in the world (well, one of) to sleep with a purring cat. Tell Hubby that b-days hence forth are "National Finny Day" (week, etc). No need to ever calm down.


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