Friday, August 04, 2006

Freakishly Annoying

Ok, so after this I promise to stop gushing about my beachy weekend wonderfulness, k. Just bear with me for one more photo:

These are the dozen or so sand dollars that I collected in one mornings beach stroll with Hubby (aka Master Sand Dollar Sniffer) at my side. He is willing to risk frozen toes and soaked pant legs for my precious sand dollar collection - and so scampers (in a manly way) selflessly into the surf when he spies the tell-tale dome of a submerged sand dollar.

I will be adding these lovelies to my ever-growing collection of beach detritus which includes; sea glass bits in all sizes and colors from all points on the globe (including one perfectly etched marble), clam shells, snail shells, abalone shells and more seaside miscellany than I have vocabulary to describe. At some point I hope to actually set up my work table with the vice, drill and multitude of wire working tools so that I may convert some of The Collection into wearable jewelry. For now, the choiciest pieces are in shadow boxes (not in a cheesy way, I promise) and the rest are relegated to their Bounty sleeping bags in shoe boxes. Hardly the way to honor such highly prized pieces of oceanic beauty, but that is the way of things in the Finny house.

And now, to slowly uncoil myself from the freakishly wonderful weekend (which I've so mind-numbingly detailed), I present to you the latest stage of ripening in the garden. We've officially begun Countdown to #1 Tomato:

I would post a photo of the newly emerged watermelon that I found hiding in the leaves this morning, but I'm in the midst of a bad case of digital-camera-snobishitisness and can't bear to post a semi-blurry image of such a clearly amazing thing (seeing as the garden is just beginning its renewal after The Wilt.) No, that would not be right. So, until I can get my hands on Hubby's far superior camera with it's fancy image stabilization and macro-amazingness, I will just say that there is a tiny watermelon about the size of a gumball perched amongst the spotty leaves of the Moon and Stars watermelon vine, hinting at recovery in the garden. It is a sight to see, to be sure, and something that fully warranted my dragging Hubby, fresh from the truck and a full day's work, to the back of the property to behold.

After all that, he still has the patience to walk with me in the sand all weekend. Freakish!

Ok, now I'm really done. I super double promise.


  1. I just found your blog via AfricanKelli, so Im not tired of you beach chat at all. And I love, love your sanddollar photo. I used to collect them as a girl when we would visit my grandparents house on St. Georgle Isl. Florida. I still have a few, carefully wrapped up in papertowels. Thanks for the bringing that little memory back.

  2. The last time I was in Italy I got off at the wrong train station on the Ligurian coast, but the town seemed nice so I wandered around and eventually made my way to the beach (one of those pebbly ones) where I swear half of the pebbles were beach glass. I have about 15 pounds of it in a plastic bag still and have had the best pieces made into bracelets and other jewelry for my Mom, who's nuts about beach glass. I for one, understand your beachcombing.

  3. Sounds like you two are a perfect match!

    Great sand dollars, too, by the way. You should post a picture of your beach collections. Especially for those of us who don't get to the beach often. (Even though I live in MD, and only 3 hours from the beach.)

  4. Lera - you're right! I should put together some photos of The Collection. Some digging must be done...

    Steven - you MUST tell me where this beach is. I'm going to Italy in October and I think we're heading up to Tuscany, which I understand is close-ish to the Ligurian coast. I'm prepared to bring back a second suitcase full of beachglass if nec :)

    Vintage! Welcome! And thank you for forgiving me my beach chatter. I do love it so. I may be uncovering some of my old treasures to share with the rest of the class here soon.

  5. It's a little town called Sori and it's a few kilometers north of Rapallo. Here's the town's website:


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