Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Garden Party!

I'm a little late to the game since I haven't had a chance to read one of my favorite blogs due to my recent out-of-townness, but today caught up a bit and found this fun garden-type round robin happening.

And, der, I had to be a part of it cuz I'm that self-involved AND because the garden is seeing a recent comeback from The Wilt, as I've mentioned many (many) times. A fact that I, obviously, have to show off to anyone who will give me a sideways glance.

So, let us look at the garden in all it's post-wilt glory:

First Better Boy off the bush. Damn DAMN this was good.
Hubby was right, Better Boys really are, well, better.
Chuh! He's so friggen smaaht.

Monster spaghetti squash that sneaked through my neighbors fence and into our yard. Darn. I copied Farmgirl and made a fancy Summer in a Bowl din-din out of this beast. See?

Ok, so this photo isn't the best. Which is because I've been super hogging Hubby's fancy cam and now have forgotten how to work with a camera that doesn't have a macro feature. Oh Digital Macro how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

These, my friends, are miraculous pumpkins. After pulling all the little volunteer sprouts and then watching my ONE Big Max croak, I thought I'd used up all my 9 Pumpkin Lives, but no. These dudes were hiding under the Better Boys. *Fingers crossed*

Tiny fuzzy watermelon baby. He will soon look like this:

This Moon and Stars beauty has about 3 weeks on that fuzzy nub above. Soon it will be black as night with big yellow blotches all over it. How friggen sweet is that?
Oh weird vegetables, you fill my wee heart with joy.

These are the strawberries I planted in memorium for the Mighty Pumpkinzilla. So far no berries, but hey, they're not wilting, so I'm going to shuddup.

One cuke left on the plant. How is that possible, you ask?
Well, The Wilt managed to jump beds and maul the cukes, too. It was a bad, bad scene.
However, this will be the second Recovery Cuke since the plants comeback from The Wilt.

Let me be honest here, these are not all my sunflowers. In fact, even the ones in my yard (those in the front of the picture) were given to me by my very green-thumbed and generous neighbors who had one million volunteer seedlings. When everything else was keeling over in my yard, these were the only things still growing. I love them lots.

Say hello to Honeydudes x2! Recently recooped, the plant is putting on fruit left and right. In fact, I believe there is one ready to be picked right at this very moment. More on that once I cut it open and DON'T find bugs, mold, etc. (Mini pep talk here)

And finally, the one rose in my garden. I'm not much of a rose person, but I've been gifted two mini-rose plants over the years and I'm determined to keep alive and kicking. This prim little lady came from one of my best friends bridal showers about 5 years ago.

Let us note how it is NOT DEAD.

Yes, that is a small miracle since I am a notoriously neglegent waterer of my potted plants.

So, for now, that is my garden party. However, if you check back (and, really, that'd be swell) I am sure that I'll be banging away about something else cropping up in the garden, something I've got brewing on the stove or, perhaps, even something I'm knitting up (per my blog alias that I've been recently ignoring.)

And then there are all the other random chatterings, they're fun, too.


  1. Beautiful garden ... I meam - "WOW"! Congratulations - enjoy the veggies!

  2. amazing! what a good comeback!

    it all looks so nice and yummy! i'm envious.


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