Friday, August 25, 2006

And the birthday week begins...

So, perhaps I'm not giving enough credit here, since this may or may not actually be a birthday present, and if not, Hubby is all that much extra special, but I'm looking at it as a gift because, well, it is one.

What am I running on about? Could it really be related to the haphazard grouping of the random abandoned household objects above?


Let me first describe to you the circumstances under which I became acquainted with this gift with a short bit of dialogue:

"Baby! Come look what I did in the garage!" Hubby screams from the backyard.

(At this very moment Finny is up to her shoulders in blackberry pie filling and fearing she may be faced with the recurrence of a previous thumb-sawing incident. )

"One sec Bubba, I'm wearing the blackberry pie right now."

"Ok, but you're going to like this." Said a somewhat crestfallen Hubby.

Finny rinses clean of the pie filling, grabs the first aid kit, dials 9-1-, and wanders out the backyard and into the newly cleaned and organized garage...

"Look what I made for you!" Hubby proclaims while gesturing proudly toward the discarded furniture assortment you see above.

"Holy shit." Says Finny as she surveys the arrangement.

"That is quite possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen."

A tear begins to wells up in her eye. There is a long embrace between the insane couple. Finny proclaims her undying love for her ever-so-talented and thoughtful Hubby. Hubby beams with well-deserved pride.

In sum, Hubby built me a potting bench and garden area in his newly organized and reclaimed Man-Space (also referred to as The Garage-Majal and Crapshack for those of you getting confused.) This is a particularly big gesture seeing as he spent two sweltering days atop the monster reroofing it with my madman father and had just spent the entire weekend tediously removing, cleaning and reorganizing every last object to form his perfect vision of a garage. Then, after all that, he sliced out a big section and organized everything in that section to form a gardening area for his wife.

That is big, even for someone as selfless and fantastic as Hubby. So, you can see why I'm considering this a gift, regardless of it's actual relation to my approaching birthday. Needless to say, I love it.

What is "It" you ask? "It" is comprised of a discarded coffee table that I had zero luck selling on Craigslist for a myriad of reasons I won't bore you with, a leftover cabinet from the kitchen remodel with a plywood top fashioned from the remains of the roofing makeover, a pegboard (hung above the cabinet) salvaged from a former friend's ill-conceived indoor *gardening* experiment and a wooden peg rack that I found hiding underneath the pick-axes at our local OSH. So, once I shoehorn all my bulk stuff (soils, seeds, amendments) into the cabinet, line up all my pots on the bottom shelf of the table and hang all my miscellany from the pegboard, this will be


Magical, yes?

It is a wonder how I don't literally smother this man to death with love. He is a maniac with his generosity.

Happy Birthday to me :)


  1. The Mountain Bastard (just love using his "Italian" nickname, even though I can't remember now how he got it...) has really outdone himself this time! Wait for it: "Must be nice...."

  2. Wow, space in the garage..that's love!

  3. Oh and BTW, Happy Pre-Birthday, Birthday and Post-Birthday.

  4. Shelley - Yes, you're right it IS nice ;) (That is the response we agreed on, right?) I'm loving it and using the space every chance I get.

    Steven - Thank you for the birthday wishes! I hope to spend the day exploiting my new section of the garage. How great is that?!

  5. Hubby is a PEACH.

    I love's EXACTLY something I'd go nuts over.

    Awesome! ;-)

  6. Happy Birfday Fin. :) You and hubby are so perfect for each other... I love it.



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