Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hubby Dream - UPDATE

Yes, that is right, the garage has a new hat. This hat is not corrogated. It is not made from 100 year old tin shingles cobbled together with pine tar. There are not any holes through which water can leak onto the precious mower or my potting bench.

What does this mean?

So many things!

#1: Hubby is approaching something resembling happiness with regard to his Garage-Mahal.

#2: We might get through one weekend without saying the word, "Garage" one million times. (This will be accompanied by the same kind of glee that I exhibited as we finished the kitchen project.)

#3: I might have somewhere to store my bins of off-season clothes without losing them to "moisture".

#4: The fence building can begin. (Duh, of course we have another project lined up. There are hundreds to go.)

#5: Getting a dog is only a few precious steps away.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that this could not have been done without the skilled and tireless efforts of my dad and his even more tireless crew.

Here they are in action - please keep in mind that it was a scorchy 109 degrees that day and, likely, much hotter than that on the roof. One could have sustained 3rd degree burns from constant contact with those shingles.

Not sure if you can see it in the photo, but my Dad's hat says "Jessica NAU 2000". Which, in dad truncation, means "Hey people! Look at this group of 30 people all wearing the same hat in celebration of the fact that my daughter is graduating from college and will not be bugging me for money anymore!" He likes to wear this hat every time he works on the house with us. Some kind of gentle ribbing about college tuition I suppose.

Joke's on him. I may not ask for money anymore, but he never had to reroof my college dorm in 100+ degree weather.

Either way, the garage has been re-roofed and we'll be working on the next project soon. Start practicing now by saying to yourself quietly: "Fucking Fence". Coming soon.


  1. Very nice! I can't imagine how HOT that must have been! We had our roof replaced 2 years ago with metal seamless. That must have been a hot one, too!

  2. Woot! How was the fab weekend away?


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