Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Death (to hunger) Star

Witness the awesome power of this fully operational cooking station!

(from right to left)

Yes, it is true. After many months of kitchen renovation which included baffling experiences with disappearing contractors, spray texture, wiring diagrams and many many sets of proprietary cabinet hardware, the kitchen is officially done.

Hung the last painted (by moi) cabinet door myself on Saturday.

For a little reminiscing of tiled countertop days gone by:

Will we miss the tile, stained glass, poorly installed sink and impossible to clean glass top oven? Uh, no. Instead, we'll be welcoming in many days of blueberry bars, bbq and fabulous salads prepared with the, now gas-powered, Imperial Stove Trooper.

We'll also be welcoming our next 100 projects from our long ass list. To start, re-roofing the garage, putting up a new fence and gate and landscaping the front and back yards. Weeee.

With the heft of our To Do list weighing on me, I retreated to the sewing table to tackle a much smaller project - the new Amy Butler Cabo Halter Top:

I also baked up some awesome blueberry breakfast bars from Farmgirlfare:

In all - a successful 4th of July weekend. And to celebrate my freedoms, I listened to a full week's worth of Howard Stern via streaming Sirius radio, watched multiple baseball games , spent some much needed QT with hubby and had cocktails with lunch.

God bless America.


  1. The kitchen looks fantastic! It's nice to have it all finished, eh? I know the feeling. I think we're leading parallel kitchen lives.

  2. Can I come over, wear that top, eat those bars and drink in that kitchen? LOVE!

  3. Caro - you and I were separated at kitchen birth. Your cabinets are so beautiful! I love the red!

    AK-Yes, sure, Yes we have tons! and of course, I always have wine in the fridge and bar.

  4. Your kitchen is just beautiful, and the blueberry bars look absolutely scrumptious. Congratulations on both! (And on selling your car--LOL, your writing and sense of humor are super.)

    P.S. Of course I got the sweet comment you left about the bars. : ) (they also arrive in my email inbox). Too cute you called me 'doll'--that's what I call Cary, as in, "C'mon, doll. Let's go, doll. I'm right here, Cary doll. etc. etc. etc." : )

  5. your kitchen is gorgeous! i hope it was worth the wait (and frustration)!

    can't wait to try those blueberry bars! i am picking up 20 lbs. of blueberries tomorrow!!! thanks for the recipe!


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