Monday, July 10, 2006

Viva Italy! Viva Finny!

Ok, I'll admit, I didn't get into the World Cup until the very end since it's baseball season right now and I'm typically only able to obsess about one sport at a time.

Until my mother got a hold of me and infected me with her World Cup propaganda. And then I went to lunch with a friend and he said:

"I can't believe that YOU of ALL PEOPLE aren't into the World Cup!"

At that point, all my excuses about baseball and the NFL draft started to sound a bit flimsy (especially since the Giants are sucking so hard and the draft has been over since April) so, I gave in. I turned on the tube and decided that if I was going to get into a sport, I'd have to choose a team to root for.

And, clearly, it wasn't going to be the US since that would just ensure that I'd only watch one game and I'd need more than that if I were really going to watch some soccer (they suck pretty hard, too. Sorry US, but it's true. Better luck next time?)

So, on a whim, I sat at lunch with that friend, on the first day of the Cup, and randomly chose Italy. Since I'd been there once and loved it. Since one of my best friends and her fabulously charming fiance live there. Since it's a lovely and wonderful place. Since I am going back there in October. Etc.

Crazy luck! They won! Nothing like a whimsical decision gone right to talk me right into a new sport. So, consider me talked into it when it rolls around in four years. And, depending on my travels at that point, I will choose my team. US -- get your act together so I can stop being a national traitor, please.

And, with the Cup finito, I can focus again my energies on all things baseball. Just in time for the Homerun Derby and All Star Game today and tomorrow. Weeeeee!

Oh, and for those wondering why I'm cheering myself (see post title), this is my 100th post.

Geez. That's somethin'! Thank you to AfricanKelli for making sure I got into Backtack II and, in turn, making sure I got a blog up and rolling. Thanks to everyone who reads AND COMMENTS on my blathering. Thanks to Blogger for almost always being fully functional. Thanks to hubby for letting me weave your hilariousness into my posts without nary a complaint or shriek of horror.

Look to the next hundred posts to bring more stories from the garden, craft table, jaunts from the globe (mostly from Norcal, who are we kidding?) and the scariest nooks of my mind. All more or less woven with strings of four letter words.



  1. WOOT! I can't wait. Do tell!

  2. I'm glad you're here and I am certainly happy that you participated in BackTack II too! Love my chicken bag.


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