Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If you can't take the heat...

So, technically, I suck in the heat. I mean, I only lasted 6 pathetic, sweaty, miserable, whiney months in Phoenix when I decided to move there after college despite all my father's raised eyebrows and alternative suggestions. And when I moved back to NorCal six monts later, I only got a few "I told you so"'s - mostly from myself.

However, true to Finny form, I find ways to contradict myself constantly. For instance, I bake and sew when it is 100 degrees outside. (Note: We do not have A/C)

Last summer, I made my best blackberry pie ever when we had our first 95+ degree day of the year. And despite all Martha's finger-wagging, good pie crust can be created in sweltering heat on warm tile countertops (now replaced with lovely stone.)

And, to keep with my theme of ridiculous summer activities, I spent last weekend in the heat - baking and sewing.

It was about 95 degrees when these babies came out of the oven:

The little "V"s on top are another peek into my self-involvement. I like to monogram things. Mostly food. So, these got the household stamp just before getting shoved into the fire breathing oven.

Then, with a keen boob-sweat mark forming on my tank top, I started in on my wristlet for the It's a Wristlet World Swap.

Of course, I can't show photos just yet, but since I am paired with another Californian, I have the double challenge of not only representing our fair golden state, but in particular, the Northern portion. So, think wine country, farmers markets, dirty hippies, rugged coastline, the state leaf etc.

The final product may contain one or all of these -- and whatever other randomness enters my mind during conception. With any luck, WoofNanny will enjoy it while she basks in the sun of SoCal.

This weekend is supposed to be another warm one up here, so I'm already figuring out ways to turn on the oven, run the dryer, and use the iron to keep myself entertained. Oh! and we have the AIDS Walk SF on Sunday in mercifully cool San Francisco. The best part is that we've managed to raise more $ this year than any of our previous 5 -- and we'll both be proudly wearing Star Walker crowns.

You know me, pictures to follow.


  1. YUM. Those cookies look so good. And I didn't even think to monogram them. Love that idea. (And am stealing it.)

  2. I am thinking of opening a sweet shop :) I am serious, sometime after my wedding, I might try and market myself somehow, if I can figure out how to continue making pies, cakes, cookies and sweet things, and somehow make some money from it. ;)

  3. I wanted to let you know I just made those blueberry bars, they are awesome.

  4. Photogmichelle: Awesome -- I'm glad to hear it, and I'm sure Farmgirl will be, too. Enjoy!


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