Friday, January 13, 2006

The moment has arrived welcome new countertops into our home. We have now have the mirage of a semi-functional kitchen. Of course I've staged the faucets so that I can imagine what it will be like to fill a pot with the main faucet, wash my hands using the soap dispenser or make tea from the hot water machine and I hope that one day soon it will be true.

For now though, let us marvel at the miracle that is Silestone:

On the docket for the weekend: Paint the cabinet doors, reinstall the cabinet hardware, hook up the faucets and sink, mount the microwave, connect the oven, move the fridge and pipe the water for it, paint.

So, basically, I'm wearing my work clothes all weekend and I won't be seen out of a ponytail and do-rag until Monday. I sure hope hubby likes orange gingham.

Happy Weekend Projects to you!


  1. FIN! They are beautiful. My goodness what a difference new countertops make, eh? So, so pretty. And I dig the sink too!

  2. I can't wait to start throwing hot pots down on these bad boys-no hot pads necessary! The special sink was from hubby's wish list -- I love it!


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