Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A proud moment

Before you think me insane, please remember that I've not done cooking of any real kind since last October. Yes, that's nearly three months without baking a cookie, sauteing a chicken breast, reducing a sauce, etc. I mean, come on people, that meant NO HOLIDAY BAKING either! Gah!

And no one has suffered more than hubby who has gone without his precious lemon wafers and coveted Winter Blackberry Pie like a true champ, barely shedding a tear over the loss. (Not to say anything about the whimpering, however.)

And so, as we bring this monster of a project to a close, I just could not resist the nearly-doneness (yep, a word, so shuddup) of the kitchen this past Sunday night and broke down, went grocery shopping (Glory be!) and cooked us up a little thing we like to call Sunday Dinna. I hope you're hearing the angels sing right now, because I sure was.

After nearly losing our lives at the grocery store (FYI: Sunday evening is no time to go grocery shopping unless you are packin') I pulled out the lonely pots and pans and made us up my good old fashioned lasagna, a big 'ol salad, some garlic-parm bread with plenty of toasty goodness and a nice bottle of wine.

What an event! I had to photograph it. And so, here we have Sunday Lasagna Dinna a la Exposed Outlets (I said it was nearly done, member?)

Oh, and let's not forget the Fresh Green Salad Featuring One Baby Carrot Fresh From the Garden a la Other Exposed Outlet:

And to finish it off just right, I filthied up/broke in the fabulous apron AfricanKelli gave me for the holidays. You see the smudge of marinara right there on the corner? Just one of many to come, I assure you.
I'll be sure to make a big fancy mess and post photos once the kitchen is actually done so you I can show off fully grouted and sealed tile, properly installed moldings, fully functional water faucets and lights on top of lights on top of lights.

Oh the lights! It is a kitchen any Jew could love. I mean, come on, who needs a Menorah when you've got a kitchen with so many bulbs! It's like the eighth night of fricken Hanukkah in here. Does anyone else feel like a jelly donut?



  1. It's looking delightful! The tile will be gorgeous when it's done. You're almost there!

    I'm so jealous of people who have working sinks in their kitchens these days. Soon for me. Very soon.

  2. Eigth night. My god woman. Are you drinking at work? I swear your posts are getting funnier and funnier.
    BTW, sweet carrot.


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