Friday, February 03, 2006

Resolution Update

Ok folks, this might not happen on a monthly basis, but since I am thinking about my "progress" toward my resolutions and it just happens to be the end of the first month of the resolving year, I figured I would blog on it and see how big of a dent I've made in them so far. Let's just say, I don't have high hopes. Join me will you?

Let's see...
  1. Swear Less.
    Yeah, this isn't going well. It doesn't help that Our Hero, the contractor, was still missing for the first half of this month and I spent most of my weekends in the same work clothes covered in Orange Peel texture.
  2. Lose Weight.
    Ok, so technically I weigh the same as when I originally had the bad idea to lock myself into this resolution. However, I am halfway through the first week of my trial membership at The Gym to Remain Nameless and I'm feeling hopeful. Refer to previous post for details.
  3. Run more often.
    So, slight change of plans. I'm going to re-interpret this as I "run more often" on the treadmill before and after my workouts rather than every morning through the neighborhood at the crack of dawn. Semantics...
  4. Start back up with weight training before I get scary grandma arms.
    Uh-huh, this is what I was talking about in #3 when I said "workouts". I did chest and tri's the other day and it was suh-weet. Don't get close though, I'm still very sore.
  5. Be a better niece and cousin.
    I'm more likely to be a better cousin than niece, I think. With the kitchen done (Ack! I'll stop saying that soon, I promise.) I still plan to invite my cousin over for monthly dinners. However, I've not made it to my aunt and uncle's place yet. And for that, I should be ashamed.
  6. Save more $$.
    Well, last time I bought shoes I only got one pair...and a bag. Progress? Yes. Yes I said!

  7. Grow some plants from seed.
    Well, it's still winter despite all my fist shaking at the dripping sky. However, my broccoli, carrot and lettuce plants are growing nicely and those were grown from seed. Good start.

  8. Read something from hubby's book pile.
    No progress here. I've started and abandoned two non-fiction books since I did my resolutions. A fact of which I am not proud. So shoot me, I got three magazines last week and chose to read about making handmade Valentines instead.

  9. Fix the bathroom ceiling.
    Natch. Maybe once the other fucked up room is finished.
  10. Start the bedroom makeover.
    I think I saw an armoire that I like. But it's at a store I hate, so I'm dealing with that. I also drew some sketches on my notepad while I was on a conference call. That counts. Progress!
  11. Stain the living room table a good color.
    I got samples! Progress! Maybe once the food room is done.
  12. Remember as many birthdays as possible.
    I got one email from you folks out there. It's a start. That means I must be awesome at this remembering birthdays thing, right? Yeah, I'm sure that's it. For the record, I did remember to send a few birthday cards this month and I did just successfully celebrate hubby's birthday last week. I RULE AT THIS!
  13. Knit myself that sweater.
    Yeah, no movement on this yet. I still remember the color though. It's orange. See, I know what I'm doing here.
  14. Deal with the work thing.
    Uh, I wish this was getting worked out. Not after the recent minor hand-slapping. I'm starring in a Paula Abdul video. You know the one where she is following the cartoon cat up the stairs. Sing it with me: "I take one step forward you take two steps back..." or something like that.
  15. Start research for the book.
    Check! I'm sort of, inadvertently, casually doing some light research. Ok, so make that a check minus.
  16. Try out some new recipes from all my cookbooks.
    Dudes! I have tried TWO new recipies! Lemon-Artichoke Chicken (sans whipping cream and parmesan cheese. Remember resolution #2.) and Salmon with Lemon Caper Sauce from the South Beach Diet cookbook. You laugh, but there's good stuff in there. Evidence? Hubby ate nearly the entire filet. Oh yeah. And he's a red meat guy. Some more favorites to come: Lemon Wafters (hubby favorite) and meatballs.
  17. Backtack 3
    Dude, just bring it already.
  18. Be neighborly and throw a summer bbq
    I reserve the right to ignore this resolution in full until the summer gets here.
  19. Go Hybrid and carpool.
    Like I said on #17, just bring it already. For godssake I'm friggen 126th on the list and I ordered this car last October. They told me another two months, so I prolly won't have it till March. I'm just guzzling gas until then. Glorious.
  20. Tame the List Monster.
    Ack!! It's got me!! It's on a monthly rampage!! Someone, help me! The call's coming from inside the house!!
Well, I've obviously lost it. I do, however find some solace in doing a monthly check in on these things. Who knows, I might actually get some of these things done. Oh, and did I tell you that I've also signed myself up to make roman shades for our whole house? Oh yeah, I did. I'm retardo. I saw a pattern, I said to myself, "Hell, Self, you can make these! Why are you paying so much for these?" And then before I knew it I had spilled the new idea to hubby and now I can't turn back. So, with any luck I'll be cooking, sewing and getting all domestic and shit in no time. Plus we have a new book for book club that I've already ordered because, you guessed it, I'm a BIG FAT DORK.

Cheers all -- Finny


  1. I am actually quite impressed with your list. You seem to be on the right track with many of these!
    And seriously, if backtack 3 doesn't get here soon, I'm going to go crafty crazy.

  2. What I don't fuckin get is, why the fuck do fucking people want to fucking quit cussing? I think it's bullshit and the cocksuckers who don't fucking understand should go fuck themselves.
    if you want to fucking cuss, fucking cuss, if a fuck is fucking offended, them fuck 'em. They're stupid fucks who don't know shit.
    That being said, I wish I could fucking quit cussing, but it's fucking impossible, there are too many assholes and cocksuckers in this fucking world to fucking quit cussing.

    Good Luck with it, though. I hope you can fucking do it.


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