Monday, February 27, 2006

From scraps

In the final moments before a nasty migraine took merciless control of my Sunday, I managed to get one matching wristlet through the sewing machine to complete the Nappy Bag ensemble for my friends upcoming baby shower.

Funk-ay, no?

This little guy (including the wristy part) was made from the scraps of this big guy here:

I must say, I'm awful proud. Thanks to Africankelli this bag has all the comforts of home. It's nice and durable due to the Decor fabric used in place of regular old floppy cotton and the fusible lining sewn between the layers is holding the shape all together nice. Makes ALL the diff.

Ooh, almost forgot, a few notes on the Wristy, should you want to make one of these bad boys; I got the pattern from Thimble (thanks to Caro for introducing me to it with my fab zippered pouch) and totally love the tutorial.

A few little notes:
  1. Using coordinating thread to fabric for the spool and bobbin made the pouch look more pro (IMHO) instead of doing what hubby suggested, which was "Just use black thread all over". Oh silly man.
  2. When you pull the pouch right side out, pull the lining out and top stitch the hole with matching thread
  3. To make the Wristy part, cut a 2" strip of fabric from the outside material, fold in half lengthwise (right side in), press and sew along the raw open edge. Then, using a turning tool (or safety pin or miracle from above) turn right side out and press. When sewing the outside material, fold Wristy in half and pin underneath outside material just above the zipper, leaving the two raw edges sticking out and the loop part tucked safely inside the pouch where it can't be accidently sewn down. Sew only to the outside material -- not to the lining. When you turn right side out, you'll have a handy Wristy to your zippered pouch.
  4. Before turning out the pouch, cut the corners off the lining and outside material and press out all the seams to make the sharpest corners on the final product. See, I learned a thing or two from Amy Butler, even though her pattern was friggen maddening.
Ok, I think that's it. It's hard to improve on such a great little scrap project. Don't you love when you can use up all those leftover bits? Does the cheap psycho/efficient economist in me good. I am beginning to see a lot of zippered pouches made from all the bastard fabric I have laying around taking up space on the craft shelf. Muhuhuhahahahaha!


  1. Both bags are fabulous and I'm all for using those scraps!

  2. Wowzers! It all turned out just great!


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