Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The hodgepodge of my mind

This past week has been a whirling dirvish of random activities, travel and inappropriate levels of spending.

So quickly whirling, in fact, that I haven't had a moment to blog about any of it for you, my loyal blog reader(s).

I tried to blog about all of it in a bulleted list (because bulleting a list is one of the finest joys in life) but, alas, it created a mess of mind numbing mini-stories that I thought might be more easy/interesting to wrap one's mind around if I made a collage of some type. And so, I bring you an e-collage of the weeks activities.

And because I can't resist a summary in the form of a run-on sentence: (from top right to bottom left)
-trip to AZ to see college friends, Nappy bag for pregnant college friend (featured in bottom row), inside of bag, the bag again, shoes I bought, AfricanKelli and me in AZ, fish button on baby bib, baby bib I knitted, second wave of Vtines flowers from hubby, first wave of Vtines flowers from hubby, SCOOBA (more on this later), lettuce from the garden, Walk the Line, Walk the Line (it's there twice cuz I saw it twice), pregnant college friend, amaryllis blooming in my living room, hubby scrutinizing most recent carrot harvest from the garden.

Ok, phew! Now that the past week's activities have been summarized (however inefficiently) we can move on to more pressing things like;

  • Super engineering Pumpkinzilla in Poison Ivy's newest habitat
  • Surrendering housekeeping to a robot
  • Closing the book on the @#*&%# kitchen project
  • Opening the book on the rest of the @#&^% house projects
  • Hybridizing (this is a word, so put your eyebrows down)
  • Xeriscaping (ok, this is totally a word. Look it up.)
Plus, I'm sure a million more random topics from my favorite categories; gardening, crafts, books, travel, everyday life, cooking, talking shit about people/things, lamely attempting to accomplish any of my resolutions, my ongoing relationship with Gime/Gym, how I want to be a farmer, etc.

Have a favorite or preference? Comment away, please.


  1. Did you get a scooba? I'm sooooo freakin' jealous if you did!!!!!

  2. Hey there,
    I came across a website I thought you would enjoy. It's the creative / crafty person's dream come true. Check it out when you get a chance


    (it's a DIY book publishing site that prints hard cover books for you.)

    Hope all is well.


  3. oh yeah, here is my blog spot if you ever want to be bored to tears.



  4. I think you should remove the photo of my giant HEED. For the love of god it looks like I need my own solar system. I'm like Sputnik! (okay, I'll stop.)
    Love the carrots! And two batches of flowers? Bitch.


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