Friday, February 24, 2006

Finny Jetson

Let me tell you a little story about Finny and how she came to hate the household tool knows as the mop.

Once upon a time Mother Finny had a chore list. She would post this list on the refrigerator for all her spawn to see. Alongside these chores were dollar amounts that would be doled out, once the chore was done. There were all manner of chores on this list.

Empty dishwasher, $.50 (I didn't say we were rich, just organized)
Weed roses, $1.00
Vacuum house, $2.00
Clean hall bathroom, $2.00
Take trash cans to the street, $1.00

And at the bottom of said list was the one chore no one would do:

Mop kitchen, $5.00

Yep, that's right, five whole bucks. Because Mother Finny hated mopping just as much as the spawn did and she was willing to pay big bucks to have someone else do it. Money was no object to Mother Finny and to this day she continues to avoid mopping by paying much more than $5 to a very nice housekeeper who will do the whole list of chores and leave her floors sparkling.
Well, not everyone can justify a housekeeper. Especially when their house (while lovely) is smaller than their first apartment.

This brings us to present day, where, having lived in a household where it was acceptable to exchange large quantities of cash for clean floors, the grown up Finny has purchased a fine mopping robot so she never has to wrestle another bucket of dirty water around the linoleum.

Let us all welcome Scooba. The newest member of the FinnyKnits household.


  1. MY GOD. Only you could figure out how to post a video to your blogger site. You rock. Love the scooba. I need to find some Scooby stickers for you to stick on that thing.

  2. So I have to say that thing is AWESOME! Matt and I soooo want one. - Rebecca (Kelli's friend you played poker with)


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