Monday, March 06, 2006

Settling all household debts

Ok, so I make a million little promises to myself. Do something with your scarves, dedicate some space to your seedlings, finish those sad projects languishing in the knitting basket, learn to make olive relish (this is a real thing). I do this until I've amassed a list of personal and household debts long enough to wrap around our water heater. Oh, another item: get a blanket for the water heater.

At these times of mass debt list awareness, I have to set aside a day, good health or not, to get them all done in a marathon of errand running. Saturday was one of these days for me. Arduous but satisfying, I successfully settled a majority of my household debts AND managed a few crafty things that kept me from outright weeping at Trader Joe's while I stood in the world's longest line.

  1. The seeds are in! In keeping with my resolution to "Grow something from seed" I'm actually growing EVERYTHING from seed. Or at least I like to think I am. We'll see what happens in real-life.

  2. Part 1 of 2 of Ms. Ava's #1 birthday present is finished. In stylish green and pink (as I was complimented on at the knitting shop -- squweet!) this poncho is another funk-ay creation (courtesy of Luv to Crochet via Crochet bythehook) from the fingers of Finny . Contrasting crocheted zippered purslet (yes, every 1 year old needs a purse) with rose adornment to come shortly.

  3. The abandoned project of 2005 has finally been finished. And none too soon. It's friggen freezing around here. Leg warmies -- s'bout time.

  4. I started the conversion in the breakfast nook from "ordinary nook" to "Indoor Nursery". I did this by ceremoniously transplanting my gardening books from the office to the nook. To me, this is huge. To hubby, this is geography. Books here, books there. Does not matter as long as food still bursts forth from the kitchen. He's so reasonable. I am so emotional. Couldn't you just find a quiet corner and wrap your eyeballs in the "All New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening"? Dude, yes please.

  5. I purchased and filled the *promised* under bed storage boxes for all our miscellany that won't fit in our teeny SHARED closet. Yes, that's right folks. Finny and Hubby share a closet AND a bathroom. It's a wonder we're still together and he hasn't kicked me in the tooth. I'm not a good sharer, being a stubborn first born mule and all. So, now scarves are safely organized under the bed and hubby has one square inch more of space for his big man clothes. How does he do it?

In addition to all this settling of household debts, I also managed to spend some QT time with the bloodthirsty beast we call Rocket, bring some springtime into our house in the form of a billion daffodils (from the dreaded trip to TJ's) and discovered the one luminous head of cauliflower hulking out in the soon-to-be-demolished winter vegetable garden.

All in all, not too shabby for a sicky weekend (some germ has invaded my nose). And with that, I shall begin a new list of household debts.

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  1. Holy moley. So much to comment on! In the first place, that baby gift is adorable. Absolutely adorable! Love it! (Can I commission one?) And the photo with the legwarmers looks like something out of a Crate and Barrel catalog. So pretty! Love that chair. And the garden. Oh, the garden. I am so envious. Just love it!
    Good for you Finny!


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