Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend Wishes : GRANTED

So, I'd aimed to post this at the beginning of the week, because my weekend was so friggen sweet I couldn't wait to share it, but pesky work got in the way, so here I am at 7am before a long day of training to finally get my post up.

As you know, the faboo, long-awaited outing to Daffodil Hill had to be postponed due to weather (snow, lots of lovely snow), so mid-week we were SOL for a weekend getaway with our fabulous Outside Friends (more on them later).

Woe is us, right?

No way! Outside Friend Paul pulled a clutch move and had the fantastic idea to instead go see Yosemite Valley the way we'd never seen it before -- covered in the lots of lovely snow that was ruining our other plans. Oh and what an idea it was!

Let me try to describe...You know how any town (no matter how ugly, really) takes on a whimsical, clean and much improved look when draped with a bright layer of new snow? Well, imagine that effect, but with Yosemite. Basically, I had another clutch-the-bosom-but-for-the-sheer-beauty-of-it moment when we drove into the valley and looked across the snow covered meadow surrounded by snow capped peaks, snow heavy pine trees and a gentle mist of snowflakes drifting about our faces. Seriously, delirious with insane joy. We saw the fast flowing waterfalls. We saw some wildlife (coyote and deer). We hiked about in our cold weather business. We drank some beers. We ate some rather potent chili. We threw snowballs and got yelled at by some mean grownups (I cease being an adult when there's over 2" of snow). It was all just well and good. For anyone who's not seen Yosemite in the winter -- go. And then never go back in the summer when all the friggen tourists stand in the road like really annoying hood ornaments-to-be.

Random food sidenote: If you're passing through Morgan Hill, CA (or live there, I suppose) and like BBQ -- the TrailDust in downtown Morgan Hill is just smoky goodness. I had pulled pork and had to fight the urge to wrap my body in it. Mmmmmmmmm, pulled pork suit........*drool*

Here's some footage of the falls, etc: (Good job reading all the way to here--I know, its far)

Also on The List for the weekend was getting the summer garden underway, finishing a matching purselet for soon-to-be-1 year old, Ms. Ava, QT with hubby, reading the book, gathering postcard collection, baking, Scooba-ing, spring shopping, TBD.

Well, I'm gleefully happy to report that so many of these things actually happened. Honestly, I thought I'd set my sights too high. But no!

I can proudly say that the summer garden is ready to roll! Oh yes, it is the first day of Spring and my beds are turned with my homemade brew of organic compost (made it myself mom!), raked, piped and ready to rumble. I even got the peas in the ground next to their, also homemade, pea fences that I love OH so much. Hubby helped me construct them, because he is so crafty (with metal, cars and other boy things) and because I don't like wrestling half a mile of coiled aluminum fencing without a sidearm. So, 70 days from now, we'll hopefully be feasting on some tasty Super Sugar Snap Peas. I'll admit, I was hoping to have them in by the designated St. Patricks Day deadline, but hey, what genius made up that rule anyway?

Also part of the weekends Wishes: finishing the purselet. DONE! Now, I know I originally was making a zippered pouch, but as it turned, out, this baby got finished in the car to Yosemite where there was nary a zipper to be found, so, hey, no zipper. Do you think a 1 year old is going to care? Do you think a 1 year old is even going to carry the purse? Does any 1 year old? See, you know why I forged ahead sans-zipper.

And there were a great many more fun things that we did over the weekend, but finally, in preparation for an evening of naughty animated comedy, we celebrated with Sunday dinnah complete with veggies from the garden and plenty of wine.

As for the QT with hubby, I was quickly reminded when this character appeared in my kitchen. Oh how I love that man, look what he can do with carrots (oh, did that sound bad?):


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  1. AHH! I am loving it. All of it. The veggie face (Andy is too great), the purse, the falls, and most importantly -- how relaxed and happy you sound. It's been a long time Fin! I'm glad you had such a good weekend. :)


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