Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Whiplash, and other related conditions

Dudes. The snow was exceptional for our jaunt last weekend. Lookit:

And what is a little movie without a little story:

So, once upon a time when Finny had a brave day on the mountain and she was skimming happily through the trees on a smooth sheen of untouched snow, she came upon a sheer drop-off too quickly for her mind to absorb/react to. This caused Finny to disappear over the edge (a la the Road Runner) with nary a moment to brake or contemplate reality. Before Finny knew it, she was diving down the mini chute, flying over a hidden jump (damn teenagers) and sailing haphazardly back onto the main trail, followed by her goggles, hat, ponytail rubberband and sense of well-being. As Finny sat, spread eagled and clutching her noggin, she thought to herself,

"Finny -- it is high time you got a helmet."

Which brings us to present day, when despite my best efforts to cradle my walnut from crushing blows with a sophisticated walnut protecting device (read: helmet), I am still suffering from a poignant case of whiplash from my many cartwheels through the scenic wilderness surrounding Mt. Rose.

Aside from all that, this past weekends snowy exploits were simply divine. Perfect weather -- cold, snowy and oh-so-powder -- I was in clutch-my-bosom-and-bring-a-tear-to-mine-eye heaven every time I got off the lift and had to shake the snow from my hood.

Thank you crazy NorCal storm! How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

In other news, we had some unexpected visitors knocking on our back door this morning. Hubby alerted me to the intruders:

Here some moisture loving alien beings sit happily in their new home, my doormat. Has it been damp here in NorCal? Oh neeeoooww, never. I didn't have the heart to tear them from their spongy little space because, apparently, I am a major softie when it comes to plants in any form. Who'd have guessed, huh? However, I will have to summon the will to chuck these little fungi since Rocket will likely see them as a snack - a delicious but bad-for-kitty snack - and I must continue to protect the fat cat from herself. On the bright side, I am at least I'm still choosing Rocket over other life forms, which is a big gesture seeing as she yacked a giant hairball right on my dining room table last week. Now there's something to come home to.

To lift some of the gloom from these posts, I am planning on posting some new garden photos to showcase the gargantuan growth of my seedlings. Namely the Big Max pumpkins which I just knew were going to be trouble. They're immense!

With any luck at all, I'll be able to also post finished photos of the baby poncho's matching purselet and perhaps some nice shamrock cookies, if I'm really ambitious. I should have plenty of time, seeing that our weekend trip to Daffodil Hill has been postponed due to an extreme amount of snow. POO! This is what happens when hubby suggests we do something that I've always wanted to do. Nature says, NO YOU WILL NOT, and I spend the weekend inside baking instead.

Who knows, maybe me and my fanc-Y helmet will hit the slopes some more.


  1. Fin, I don't know how you post videos, ski and grow vegetables without trying. Granted, they are mushrooms, but veggies nonetheless. And I love that you have your sidebar back! Yippee!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wow! Looks like you had fabulous snow up in Tahoe! :)

  3. Just so everyone knows, those mushrooms were NOT hallucinogenic.



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