Friday, March 10, 2006

Hulking out

Seriously, hide the children and shield your eyes, cuz the seeds are friggen hulking out. I have been shocked every morning when I lift the lid on the farm and see how much they've grown IN A DAY.

Don't believe me? Look, since two days ago:

Also, as promised here is a tantalizing look at the other alien invaders:

(Big Max Pumpkin, aka Pumpkinzilla-to-be | Cukes | Aforementioned Overachieving Basil)

So, it does appear that last weekend's efforts to get seeds in soil was successful and we might be able to look forward to a summer garden grown mostly from seeds I started my damn self. Imagine the bragging. Hello -- "Tales to Astonish" here I come.

Also, a fabulous thing this week -- surprise presents?! There is little else I love more than a surprise present and when I came home late (again) from work on Wednesday what did I find but a surprise present from one of my favorite peeps.

And to dispel any evil rumors hubby may spread, I did NOT immediately throw down my bags and tippy-toe dance my way to the couch so that I could get comfy for the Opening of Surprise Presents.

Because that would be inaccurate.

I believe I squealed with childish delight first.

Then, as I opened it to find a GIANT chocolate bar (hulk-sized one might say), a custom made CD, handstamped card and cutesy wrapping all tucked into an embroidered zippered pouch WITH POLKA DOTS I nearly passed away from excitement. It was only after many moments of deep breathing and a few big chomps off the chocolate bar (Special Dark -- MY FAVE) that I could collect myself enough to snap off this shot. Thanks AfricanKelli -- you know Finny so well.

And just to splain, she's on a mission this month to deliver surprise presents like this to other lucky peeps, too. Calculated Acts of Kindness, I believe she calls it. I call it SPECIAL DARK SURPRISES THAT I LOVE. Last thing, my polka pouch is perfect as a travel CD case -- I love it long time.

I'm off to Tahoe, people. Bring on the snow and save the laundry for Monday cuz it's me, Luna and hubby off to take on some powdah !

Right now!! --->I know dudes! What AM I still doing here? Ok, away I run...


  1. Aw. Thanks! You are one of my favorite peeps too!

  2. Have fun playing in the snow!

    Methinks I must make a Pumpkinzilla. What'd ya think?


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