Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh don't look so surprised

You knew it would be like this. As soon as the tiny green sprouts started poking their way through the cold winter dirts, I'd be there, like some kind of deranged yard banshee screaming, "Spring is coming! Spring is coming!"

So, don't get all, "What the hell is her deal?" when the topic of my posts are about my garden, my seedlings, compost, pea fences, vegetables, organic pesticides and the like. Just don't. Because this is my gig, baby! Plus, you know you love it. I mean, who else do you know who will be growing Moon and Stars watermelons this year? Yeah, just no one but me.'s not so bad.

Ok, so for the first of mercilessly many posts on the progress of the 2006 garden -- lookie at the progress my big fat overachiever seeds are making:

Yes, intersted peeps, these are the same seeds that looked this this only a few short days ago:

Are they super seeds? Do they brandish magical powers? Am I growing weed?


But I am certain that these will be some tasty ass salad greens. As for the other seedlings, they are looking good too (shout out to the Genovese Basil making its way through the soil ceiling) but I am not going to spoil you with sexy photos of all these babies.

Oh no! You will wait for the right time.

And then it will be glorious.

Go ahead, wipe the sweat from your brow. It's a big moment.

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