Friday, March 17, 2006

Weekend Wishes

So, a little behind the scenes look into the Mind of Finny -- I spend my weekdays imagining all the crafty fun things I can do on the weekend, or after work, or in any spare moment of my day that is not already filled with work, the gym, or any of my other pesky grown-up responsibilities.

Hubby makes fun of me for, what I like to call, my Mental Mind Lists. But this week, this is what the list looked like:

1. Check in on the seedlings:

2. + 3. Crochet up a purselet for Ms. Ava's #1 Birthday and read some more of my new fab book

4. Check in on the cauliflower and see if I can pull out the rest of the carrots in preparation for the onslaught of the summer vegs.

5. Re-plan the Saturday Adventure since Daffodil Hill fell through. There's been so much snow (probably thanks to Hubby's snow dances in the yard wearing only his helmet and an insane smile) that they've had to postpone the opening of this lovely seasonal event. Perhaps we ski more? Perhaps we wander the meadows of Yosemite? We dunno yet.

6. Gather up my Italian postcard collection to photograph and post on the blog. Wait till you see all the lovely bits my Roman friend sends me from her Euro travels -- multo buono.

7. Bake something for godssake. I haven't baked a pie, a batch of cookies, a loaf of bread or ANYTHING in so long that my oven is starting to give me the sly middle finger when I walk by to the laundry room. On the other hand, the W+D love me long time since I seem to spend all my waking hours shuffling sweaty gym clothes from one to the other. Oh to be a kid again -- when my clothes magically reappeared clean and folded in my drawers. And when I didn't think my household appliances were holding secret grudges against me for negligence.

8. Take Scooba out for a spin. I've only Scooba'd once this week, and frankly, that's just not enough. No, I would like to make Scoobaing a daily or at least thrice-weekly activity since it's just so gosh darned easy. I mean, come home to clean floors everyday? Yes, please! Scooba has a date with the bathroom today, and then a secret second date with the bedroom and hallway tomorrow. The Scooba is clearly sowing it's wild suds here and the daytime drama is enough to rival even the likes of Susan Lucci.

9. Buy some new clothes. Monday is the start of Spring, people. The much anticipated season in the FinnyKnits household, and daggummit, Finny needs a new wardrobe to usher in the new sprouts, blooms and bees. Off to Goodwill with this old yucky winter crap and in with the new springy, happy, garden friendly wear. I've already ordered, what I'm sure will be, this season;s most fantastic flipflops:

I got the orange ones, or as they call them "dandelion" Awesome, no? For reference, these are Chacos, the ideal shoe. I was married in Chacos. I spent my entire summer last year in Chacos. I wear Chacos paired inappropriately with work clothes because I love them so. If you don't have a pair, your life is missing a crucial element. Get a pair to fill the void. You, too, will love them long time. If not, you're a communist.

10. You know, I'm not sure I have a #10 in mind yet. But you know what happens when I am home for five consecutive minutes, I start to develop more things to add to my Mental Mind List.

I'll check in next week and let you know how it went. Good, crafty, productive and relaxing weekends to all.


  1. Hey, if you really love your Scooba, why not consider investing in iRobot? I've got a Blog,, all about iRobot, Scooba, Roomba and Packbot -- their robot that destroys bombs.

    Like your blog, you seem like such a lovely person.

    - Thorn

  2. Oooh, I want an update. How did the weekend go? LOVE those new Chacos. Do they make them in blue? I wore mine all weekend.

  3. Productive nonetheless...crafty or no.


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