Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Almost back in business

After a long productive, sometimes frustrating, but in the end wholly satisfying weekend, we are nearly back in business with a practically fully functional kitchen.

Note the perfectly hung microwave over the perfectly installed and functioning oven next to the fully loaded with ice and water fridge:

Not pictured, but truly amazing are my fully functioning faucets and the hot water dispenser. My husband was busy making his first (of many) cup of coffee from the hot water machine when I was leaving Monday evening, and it was a sight to be seen. I'll likely photograph and post the running sink photos soon to continue my kitchen remodel obsession.

Next - cabinet doors, tile, crown molding and under cabinet lights. Weeeeeeeee!


  1. very nice work on the microwave, I'd hire you as my contractor, any day, hands down :)

    Hope you don't mind Andy sent me to this site to see the cabinets and the countertops (super sheek by the way) love them.

    Hey if you're ever interested in reading my blogs, I'd love to have you visit..it's sorta secretive, cause it's a lot of emotional "dumping" if you will about everything...

    Stephanie (Andy's co-worker)

  2. Ha! I love it -- although we're not for hire ;) But I'll totally take a look at your blog. Feel free to visit FinnyKnits anytime to see what a humongous nerd/lunatic Andy has married.

  3. Officially coveting your micro and oven. SO NICE!


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