Monday, January 09, 2006


If you want it done, do it yourself, and if you aren't sure how, call someone who knows how to do it and see if they'll show you before you fuck the whole thing up.

So much for my simple matra, eh? Either way, the restart of the kitchen remodel is off to a strong start.

We got up Saturday morning with pocket-fulls of naive enthusiasm and launched straight into the sanding, texturing and painting of the walls, cabinets and ceiling. Oh the fun that is had after inhaling a couple cubic feet of drywall dust. By noon we had successfully covered our faces with suspicious white dust, and had the ceiling and cabinets satisfactorily sanded, so we headed off to lunch to regroup and strategize for the afternoon over cajun style pulled pork and root beer.

Returning to our post, we set up for the texturing. Per the previous post, we realized that we needed to make a distiction regarding the texture (Knockdown vs Orange Peel) and went with the Knockdown variety to match the rest of the house. Bored yet? Yeah, I was too. Until I started to read the directions on the can. This had me running for the Internet, in my dust covered shoes. After making numerous tracks to and from the office trying to find a reliable DIY example of texturing methods, I decided to call the one man I knew would know the answers. Dad. I mean, the man did do sheetrocking for years and does own a construction company afterall. I'm fairly certain he could do this in his sleep. Well, major coincidence, he was going to be traveling through our neck of the woods for business THAT afternoon and offered to come by and give us a live demo. Freakishly awesome, no? Rather than do it in his sleep, he did it in his socks. What a pro!

With the texturing done (look how lovely) we were ready to start painting.

As of right now, we have the ceiling and cabinet boxes (doors to come this weekend) painted and ready to roll. This week we'll likely get the walls painted and be ready to receive our countertops on Friday. JOYOUS MOMENT!!!

I have to admit one small thing though, painting these lovely wood cabinets was a little painful. Why oh why did the previous owner have white cabinets? Ah well.

I think my garden heard me wildly yelping with excitement over the countertops and the forthcoming finishing of the kitchen because look what I saw when I made it out to the vegetable beds:

Yes folks, that is a tiny head of broccoli! I can nearly hear it calling out, "Get that kitchen ready! I won't sit out here forever!"

Oh the blessed day when this project is finished. I can hardly wait.


  1. I love it. The veggies are speaking to you!
    Okay, so I am a bit confused on one point: did you paint the cabinets white? Did the previous owner?
    I am glad Papa Z was in the neighborhood. Such good luck.

  2. The cabinets that came with the house were white, and with the remodel we added a few cabinets. The new cabinets, even though they're the same brand, don't come in white anymore, so we had to order them in bare wood and paint them white to match. Sad thing is, they looked so pretty with a varnished wood finished. It was a shame to cover them with white paint. Oh well. Yay for dad though!

  3. It going to be beautiful! We just did a full condo renovation last summer. I feel yer pain...


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