Friday, July 21, 2006

A Hubby Dream

I'll admit, I spend the majority of my time on this blog talking all about the things I love and the dreams I have, but I rarely take a moment to focus on what hubby, the focus of much of my attentions, lusts after (besides me, of course).

So, today, let us focus on the realizing of A Hubby Dream.

We affectionately call it the Man Space or Garage-Mahal, but most people just call it a garage. Although, ours more closely resembles a barn, shack or modest lean-to. It's an original structure on an old property (about 100 years old or so), and while it has held up for an admirably long time, it has definitely started showing signs of, ahem, fatigue.

After the work on the kitchen was done, the dream of a water-tight, non-sagging, semi-functional Man Space was in order.

*Queue Superman's theme song*

Enter my dad. Construction wizard to the stars. Conquerer of leaky roofs, master of all wood materials, brandisher of nail guns, shoeless wonder of spray texturing, and bilingual supervisor to boot.

As of 2pm today, with scorching merciless sunball overhead, the first slope of the roof was done.

Notice, won't you, the lack of any sagging? The amazingly un-sievelike wholeness of the plywood? The sturdy appearance of the rafter beams?

It is a structural miracle. This winter, the mower will rest soundly, knowing that he won't wake up in spring covered in a fine sheen of rust.

Await thee photos of the final product! It will be breathtaking, I predict.


  1. Having recently visited and seen the state of the previous roof, I can vouch that this is a huge improvement! Awesome!

  2. I do admit two things:

    1. I relied on other expertise to get this roof done. As much as that pains me, it was worth it. Kell, can you imagine what a mess this would have been if I had done it?

    2. I'm a dork to get so turned on by a roofed garage.

    There. I said it.


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