Monday, August 21, 2006

All food in pie form, please.

This past weekend was a flurry of kitchen activities. Inspired by the ongoing summerlicious recipes on Farmgirl's site and my husbands lust for any food in pie form, I could not resist this crowd pleaser of a savory pie for our dinner guests on Saturday night.

Mind you, the "dinner" portion of the term is used extremely loosely in our house since our evenings usually consist of food and drink consumed only during the few moments when we're not flapping all our gums at once or shouting "Pong", "Che" and "Fucking cheater" over wildly clacking mahjong tiles. However, I must say that the shouting (and alleged cheating) slowed to a low rumble when this pie hit the plates.

Forgive the cold-ish looking slice in this photo. There was literally no time to photograph the plated masterpieces before they were eagerly scooped from fork to waiting mouth. This was our leftover wedge. Which is also now just a blissful memory.

With a spicy watercress salad and mild Syrah, this pie is not to be beat for convenience. No, really -- make it in the morning, shove it in the fridge and then slide it in the oven about 30 mins before your peeps arrive to create that alluring "Something's baking and it smells dee-licious" moment when they arrive. Like so:

Oh, and gimmeabreak, the friggen parmesan biscuit crust (she uses pecorino, but parmesan works, too) was enough to make me consider hiding the remaining wedge in my underwear drawer lest they get ballsy and ask for seconds.

Luckily I regained my hostess attitude and happily sent them home with half the leftovers, a print-out of the recipe (Farmgirl, I'm recruiting them!) and a jar of my homemade jam. That is a score, if I do say so myself. Hey, I was feeling flush after my recent CONQUERING of mahjong.

That is right, people, this post is being typed by the very same unskilled fingers of a one-time mahjong winner. (*One-time = One night of drunken mahjong with our same two friends who have to constantly remind me that I'm "cheating" and steer me back toward the rules of the game.)

So, what to do to celebrate said mahjong prowess? Der, make more pie. Clearly it is my lucky charm.

More blackberries at work:

I used the tried and true, "Flaky pie crust" and "Covered fruit pie" recipes from Joy of Cooking along with a healthy dose of self-sampling and adjusting to make this pie "Even better than last year's" according to hubby. Otherwise, he was unavailable for comment because his mouth was too busy consuming the previously mentioned superior pie.

And so, we are virtually overflowing with pie. For one glorious moment, all my pie plates (I have three) were in delicious use. Now I am in desperate need of another filling for the recently CONQUERED (there was much domineering in my kitchen) pie crust. Another savory mixture perhaps? Venture into the wonderful world of mixed berries maybe? Apple?! Oh the list is seemingly endless.

We are going to be so fat.


  1. There can never be enough pie. I want to be the first person to have arterial blockage of flaky pastry.

  2. do you like lemon merigue? I have a great recipe for it, and also for a pumpkin cream pie....

    ohh tummy rumbles at the thought of it....

    Okay, off I go to the social security office to officially become Mrs. Urmeneta.. :)

  3. LOLOLOLOL! You crack me up. (I am still laughing over your "lay waste to the garden" phrase.)

    Too funny, I was just thinking about you a few hours ago and wondering if you'd made the tomato pie over the weekend. So glad it was a hit. Sounds like you were an all around winner that night!

    Oh, and blackberry pie is my ALL TIME FAVORITE pie. Cary and I went blackberry picking down on the south part of the farm last month in the hopes of coming back with enough bounty to make myself a birthday blackberry pie, and it was a big berry bust. Tiny berries that weren't even tasty in the least. Talk about depressing. I had to console myself with chocolate. Cary just ate more of the garden.

    Thanks for all the compliments--and the laughs.

  4. Steven - you and my husband are kindred spirits. He has coined the phrase, "All food in pie form", and he's not kidding. Leftovers? Put them in a pie crust and give him a fork! Same goes for anything from the garden, my mom's pantry and abandoned hors d'oeuvres. Obviously, I need more pie pans. And a leash for my husband.

    Fury - YES! And I have an evil little recipe that has been sitting open on my countertop just waiting for the recent influx of lemons. Send over your pumpkin cream recipe. It's never too early to start *practicing* for Thanksgiving.

    Farmgirl - You have two animal shaped wrecking balls in your garden, for sure. Hungry wrecking balls at that.

    I'm deeply saddened by your unfruitful (hardy har) trip to the blackberry bushes. Blackberry pie is my favorite, too, and the thought of going a year without it makes me sad. I'm glad you had our friend chocolate to console you. He's been doing the same for me here in lieu of the piles of tomatoes I thought I'd have by now. Boo!

    Any chance you have a reliable delivery man? These things ship you know...

  5. i read this yesterday, but didn't have time to post a comment.

    i love that you wanted to hide the rest in your underwear drawer!!! that had me cracking up for most of the day!!!!

  6. This is too funny, I used the same dish when I made mine! Great minds think alike, eh? Thanks for all the info, I will add the link to the post!


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