Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wilt be damned

Well, Hubby went out of town and left, in my erratic care, his superior camera.


I've been running amok with it in the yard, house, garden, kitchen, bathroom (not in a gross way) since he left. I really can't adequately describe my love affair with this camera except to say that it all the way rocks and I've briefly considered running away to Mexico with it. Thankfully I stopped at the driveway when I got distracted by the beauty that are the hostas this time of year.

Oh, and since I was saving sharing my wee watermelons until I could properly photograph their fuzzy greatness:

Why is this photo on it's side? Because Blogger is presently retarded. I'm hoping it will right itself and the watermelon won't suffer any averse reaction.

To get back to the point here, though, see that yellow dot? First "Star" on the Moon and Stars watermelon. Weeeeeeeeee! If that's not a reason to get out the superior camera than I just don't know what is. Plus, isn't he so cute and nice? I could just braid his little melon hairs. Ok, that's a little freaky.

Would you like to be in the photographic presence of a miracle? Here you go:

In case you do not recognize the significance of this other small furry future fruit, this is a honeydew. Not just any honeydew, NO! One of the brave, few, mighty and miraculous honeydudes that made it out of the dark tunnel known as bacterial wilt. Or The Wilt and I took to calling it, a la The Plague, as it tore through my garden with similar ferocity and mercilessness, killing off Pumpkinzilla, one unfortunate honeydude and a formerly virile lemon cucumber. All of whom were in their prime of life! Bastard wilt.

Point is - we're back on track *said hesitatingly* with the fruits and these guys are proof that The Wilt did not win. I will, however, be dosing these beds with neem oil in the fall, per suggestion from Steven at DirtSunRain, so that we don't go through a similarly heartwrenching episode next summer. Cuz, lord knows, crying over a pumpkin is just a bit kooky and I'm sure it made Hubby start to consider the particular wording of our vows in the hopes of finding a loophole relating to cucurbits.

Oh, and not to be left out, the tomatoes are getting dangerously close to pickability:

And the cukes (slicing, not lemon, sadly) have made a comeback so they can hang out in a salad with their tomato buddies:

And to cap it all off, my neighbors' spaghetti squash have decided to join the There's No Wilting in Baseball party by slipping through the fence between our yards. I've been informed, or lightly threatened, that ANY squash that grows on MY side of the fence is decidedly MINE (much pointing and faux throat slashing here) to do with as I please (*smiles*).

Threat or no, I've begun collecting spaghetti squash recipes and some light body armor. Wish me luck!


  1. The photos are stunning! You should tell your hubster that you lost his camera and keep it for yourself. LOL

  2. YUM! And YAY! I am so glad to see and hear that the wilt has hit the highway.
    My favorite spagetti squash recipe: Slice it down the middle and cook on a baking sheet for 25 minutes at 350. Gut the innards and add grilled zucchini, tomatoes and mushrooms. Top with a bit of marinara and fresh Italiano cheese and oregano. Voila!

  3. hi,youve got great photos here!and yummy recipes matter what,farmlife is still the best.


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