Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Finny Day

Yes, that is right, I've gone so far as to lay claim to a day. And why not, really? It is MY day. I fill it all up with all the things that I love and flit from one favorite pastime to the next towing MY mercifully forgiving Hubby behind me.

Ok, so it's probably overkill to hog it all for myself (even though it's what I do best) since a very good friend of mine (not to mention stupid Michael Jackson) shares my birthdate. All that be as it may, I still hogged (and continue to hog) it up real good.

So what are these hog-worthy things that Finny does?

Sorry, I have to stop the self-referencing for a second, I'm annoying myself. Let's move on.

Here are some of my birthday faves:

Finny dodges waves

Finny bakes

Finny beachcombs (or, if you're from Fish & Game: Finny picks up trash.)

Finny gardens

Finny does NOT ask out any sea lions

and finally...

Finny Knits

One couldn't ask for finer birthday activities, except for maybe a midweek day spent at Malibu Grand Prix with Hubby swinging in the batting cages, racing around the track, shoveling nachos into my face and playing mini put-put and video games until they remind me that I'm an "adult" and close the doors in my face. But that will have to wait for another time.

For now, Mystery Dinner with Hubby is on the docket, as well as Unmystery Lunch with the girls at one of my favorite places.



  1. Happy Birthday again, thank you for loaning me hubby last night, he's been a rockstar at this whole web design stuff. :P

    Warm Birthday wishes,

  2. happy, HaPpY, HAPPY birthday!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday my dear! Sounds like a lovely day if there ever was one.

  4. Happy Birthday! I can't wait to hear what restaurant you went to.

  5. Happy Birthday, belatedly!!!!

  6. Oooh, I so want to know more about what Finny is knitting. That is beautiful!

  7. Happy Birthday! I love the sea glass photo. I collect it too. Right now its just in a clear glass bowl in my kitchen. What do you do with yours?


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