Monday, August 14, 2006

Well, Swap ME!

Um, yes, do not let it ever be said that Finny doesn't get outrageously spoiled by her swap buddies. Ms. Lera went so far above and beyond the call of swapping duty on this one that I bet that you can't identify the swap item in this photo if you're not already involved in the swap.

Go ahead, try. I'll wait...

Think you've got it?

I'll make it easier - the swap theme was:

A. Swap your buddy's favorite candy
B. Be fancy with your embroidery swap
C. Fancy local-themed-wristlet-stuffed-with-everything-your-buddy-could-desire-and-then-some swap
D. Orange and Lime Green are our new nations colors swap

Ok, so it's pretty obvious (now) this was a wristlet swap. Not that you can tell from the photo because Lera clearly spoiled the living crap out of me. So, I should say that it was actually Wristlets of the World swap designed to have each swapee create a wristlet for their buddy that screamed "Hey, buddy o' mine! This is where I live! Doesn't it just seem keen and nice! Can you believe I found a fabric with wine labels on it?!" Ok, that last part was just mine, but here you can clearly see the Crabs of Maryland on the wristlet from Lera. Favorite colors, favorite candies (for those of those repelled by Good and Plenty's - run for the can.) and Fancy with a big F. I mean, even labels (!!!) for those of us unlucky enough to live in a house not equipped with an embroidery machine (yes, that's jealousy you're seeing there.)

To sum it all up, I love LOVE it long time and have already found a home (one being my stomach) for all the contents of this fabu package.

Lera, you girl, simply rock me.

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  1. Yay!! I am so happy you were spoiled.

  2. I'm so happy it arrived in one piece. Hopefully nothing melted as it crossed the country.

    And your photo turned out much nicer than mine!

    Glad you enjoyed it!


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