Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Made Up Holiday!

We always call this "Made Up Holiday" instead of Valentine's Day.

I guess it's because we don't like to be told what to do and when to buy candy, so we rebel in the best way we know how: make up a snarky name, act all above everything and then go about doing the same shit all the true Valentine's Day Believers (who we call SUCKAHS) do but with a sense of superiority because Well, this is for Made Up Holiday, so I'm not buying into anything, really. I bought this tub of peanut butter cups and Bubba's sending me flowers because we want to, not because any holiday told us to. REALLY.

Our web of delusion is really coming along well, don't you think?

Anyway, this keeps us from feeling like part of The Machine or like we're a slave to The Man or have fallen victim to any other scary The's, so whatever.

Our interpretations are a little off, anyway, so perhaps that's the fine line keeping us from becoming the SUCKAHS we make fun of for buying carnations off the street from the dude with the giant teddy bears.

No Godiva chocolates in this house.

Who needs red roses when TJ's has calas for $3.99? I bought these for myself. Happy Made Up Holiday, me! I hope I score.

No breakfast in bed around here. But I did wear my purple Wrightsocks on my run. Festive.

Bubba sent me orange roses to work yesterday because he knows I love orange and because he knows that getting flowers at work is a very favorite self-involved thing of mine.

I don't think it's still considered traditional if you shove a Valentine in with your farmshare fruit.

Anyway, Happy Made Up Holiday, people. I hope Santa Valentine brings you things you really like and that someone cooks you dinner AND lets you sleep in while he walks the dog.

Or whatever it is that you like.



  1. I left work an hour and a half early to sell a truck for my's that for Santa Valentine stuff?!?
    I got a huge sloppy smooch from one of my favorite dogs when I got that's a Made Up Holiday present if there ever was one!

  2. WHATEVER, pretend-cynical Finny! You totally celebrate just like the rest of us schmucks. Two thumbs up for love! And chocolate. And jewelry. And flowers. And all the other ridiculous stuff that goes along with this totally made-up but nonetheless fun holiday.

    Love and doggie kisses from all of us at Blackrock to all of you in Silicon Valley.

  3. Santa Valentine. Awesome.
    I spent a lovely evening watching "Freaks and Geeks" on dvd with a dog in my lap while I knitted. It was actually a very nice night.

  4. Among my friends I won the "Worst Valentine's Day" ever contest.

    My divorce papers arrived on Valentine's Day.

    Now that's a holiday.

  5. Decca wins. That's why it's just another day around here too.

  6. I so totally agree about consciously objecting to a Holiday made up by companies and marketers just to get us to buy more of their crap! But on the other hand it is so nice to feel special and loved... Ah, I'm so torn. Fortunately I happen to have an anniversary just before VD... so it's an Anniversary dinner, not Valentine's dinner. And I still get to feel special when everybody else is celebrating their less important Valentine. Ah, so good to be me. I know it's the same, but I like to pretend.

  7. I told my husband back when we were still dating that if he had to take one day out of the year to make sure I knew how much he loved me that he was doing a crap job the other 364.

  8. My husband and I don't buy into the ubiquitous Valentine hoopla either. Instead we opted for an adventurous outing together simply to celebrate our "coupledom".

  9. work it! glad you were spoiled.

  10. I'm with ya on the made up holiday stuff. I spent most of the day home alone. Hubbs was on call all weekend and got several calls on Saturday so he wasn't home much. But I did get plenty of quilting and knitting done, so happy v-day to me!

  11. SUCKAH!!!!

    Thanks for not shredding my V-day greetings in a show of traditional Made Up Holiday festivities.

    When are you going to publish a book and bill yourself as the "female version of Bill Bryson"? I'd write a blurb for your dust jacket. Sounds illicit, no??

    MISS YOU!!! Come visit us!!!!! PRETTTTY PLEEEEEASE with sugar on top???

  12. But you're jewish - Santa Valentine shouldn't be getting you ANYTHING!

    I'm with you on loving the orange flowers - very nice!

    Now does this mean you guys also don't celebrate Sweetest Day in October? That's TOTALLY a made-up Hallmark holiday if I ever heard of one!


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