Monday, December 12, 2011

On the first day of What The Effmas...

...I saw this fucking guy like totally hanging out on my neighbor's porch mocking me with his prissy hat and crooked carrot nose.

"Look at me! I have a digital read out of how many days lie between you and the time when you'll be able to legitimately harass people for still having their Christmas decorations up! You can take that to the bank, too, because I'm wearing a top hat which makes me verrrrrrrrrrrry official!"

 Yeah, that's right, I'm choosing to ignore the whole "'till Christmas" business on that sign so that it can serve a useful purpose. Otherwise it's just a fruity snowman cheating on his real station in life - being the mascot for the best winter holiday of all: SKI SEASON.

Fucking traitor.

(For the record: Yes, I realize I used this photo in the last post. Also, yes, I realize that it says "15" days 'TILL (Why do people insist on contracting, "until"? That one extra letter is not so cumbersome. And, yes, I know that U and N count as two letters, but they always add the extra L in the contraction and I find it all needlessly complex and cutesy and it makes the math work out weird, so just whatever. Why, this is an awful long aside, isn't it? Consider it a bonus. Merry What The Effmas.) Christmas, but I didn't have a chance to go back and retake the photo, so just go with me on this.)

And now you may look forward to approximately 11 more days of counting down to the tune of You Know What Song because it's all stuck in your heads like it is mine.

Hooray. Just FEEL that holiday spirit rising up the back of your throat.

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