Friday, March 30, 2007

Taper - done. Status: ANXIOUS

Today I went on my last run before the race on Sunday. So, I'm officially done Tapering and am now just wandering around aimlessly wondering what I'm doing wrong.

Should I be eating something in particular?

Should I be icing anything? Heating anything?

Should I get dressed now and just live in my running shoes for two days?

If I went into the questions running continually through my mind...

My last run did go nicely, however. Just under three miles without hardly breaking a sweat. So, of all my fears at this point, collapsing before the finish line is not one of them. But, because I'm me, I now need to find other things on which to focus my obsessive behaviors. Like gathering post-race snacks (the kitchen at work is light a full grocery sack of produce), laundering every item of workout attire I own, setting out my clothes, printing every item of documentation ever produced on the subject of this race, programming the directions into Leeloo, and on and on and on.

It is likely that I'll miss the race altogether because I'll be so obsessed with all these ridiculous details that I'll forget to set my alarm clock.

ACK! My alarm clock! What if my alarm doesn't go off??

*Heart Attack*

Wish me luck.


  1. oh, good luck, jessica!!!!!! you are a much braver lady than i!!! i can't wait to hear your account of the race.

  2. Good luck - it's going to be great!! Better still? Only 2 more days and it will be behind you!

  3. Good luck! You runners are inspiring!

  4. Good luck! And have fun!

  5. I wish you luck.

    Remember, you've worked hard, and the race is about the journey too.

  6. Run swift, young grasshopper!

  7. I hope everything went awesomely today. Can't wait to hear about it.


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