Friday, March 23, 2007

The Taper + InStitches project

As with all sports, and activities that require proprietary footwear for that matter, there is a special language that goes along with the fun. You know, just to make it more exclusive and intimidating for those outside your special sweaty circle.

Let's take "Taper" for instance.

As in, "Have you started your Taper yet?"

My good friend, and marathoner, Paul introduced me to this fancy runner's term the other night at dinner. I'm sure my look of incredulous disgust betrayed me when I replied, "Wha? Ew!"

And then, sheepishly, "Oh, I mean...I don't know. What is a Taper?"

(If you think Bubba wasn't snickering next to me, trying to stifle immature laughter, then you haven't been with us here long)

Apparently, as Paul explains it, The Taper is that winding down period just before your race where you take your mileage down a notch so you can rest your creaking muscles (and knees, feet, ankles, blistering arches, etc) before throwing yourself headlong into The Object of Your Misery: the race itself.

With full understanding on my side I was then able to reply (without laughing) that no, I had indeed not yet begun my Taper (tee hee). But that, fear not, I would be Tapering beginning Monday (3/26) in prep for my race on April Fool's Day.

And so, I head into this weekend ready to take on my last big run, in fact the longest run I'll do during training (6.5 miles) before I Taper my runs down to 2 mile increments next week in prep for the real deal: 6.2 miles on 4/1.

Sheesh, had I known there was going to be so much math, I might not have gotten involved in the first place.

Sure, I could challenge myself extra next week and try to run these weeny 2 mile runs extra fast, but I don't see that happening. I see me sleeping an extra 20 minutes, then popping on my iPod full of new Fall Out Boy, Spoon and Bloc Party tunes and trotting happily through my Taper knowing that my first race will soon be behind me.

Then I will begin the frightening process of deciding whether to sign up for my first half marathon.

BTW: On the side I've been masterminding this month's InStitches project: the clutch. Oh yes, I am proud of this one. In fact, I'm drooling right now thinking about the little ways I've "made it my own". I can't wait to rock this styley beast with a flouncy skirt and flipflops this summer.

Oh yes, I said flouncy.

Photos Monday.

Happy weekend folks...


  1. finny,

    go for the 1/2. i did what you are doing--5k, 10k, then bit the bullet and did the 1/2. killer training, swearing as i ran it that i'd never, ever put myself through it again.

    i've run 3 1/2s since that first one. they're tough and challenging, but oh what a feeling when you finish!

    i'll never run a marathon though for sure. 13.2 is my limit, and i'm proud of it.

  2. Run one, go for it. Pick an 'easy' one. My first 1/2 was Victoria, BC - relatively flat, very scenic, beer at the half way point, and close to my inlaws, so they could treat me - ice bath, food, hot tub etc after.

    My second half was Disney World, and I got to spend a week in Florida after as a reward.

    My third was the inaugural Disneyland 1/2. Lots of things to look at to stop me thinking about how much I hurt.

  3. I love taper weeks. They let you feel ok about not working out so much. I'll be running a 10k race on March 31st. Tomorrow is my last long run before the race. I had originally planned on running a 10 miler on April 1st, but for various reasons decided to do the 10k instead.

  4. i agree with the rest, definitely do that 1/2 marathon if you're up to it... sign up for it right after your 10K when you are all pumped. i did one (and yes, most of it was painful) but the bragging rights alone are worth it. buena suerte!

  5. I have a very good feeling you'll be rocking the 1/2 marathon before you know it. :)


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