Monday, March 05, 2007

Running update: YES!

6am: Cautiously get dressed in the dark. Brush teeth. Ponytail hair. Slap on watch.

6:07: Sit down with a roll of moleskin, scissors, BodyGlide, anti-blister socks, new shoes. Proceed to create a masterpiece of blister prevention on both feet.

6:10: A little stretching. A lot of finger crossing.

6:15: Hit the road with fingers crossed.

6:15-7am: Repeat to self, "Does anything hurt? Is that a hotspot? Do I need put on more moleskin? What was that sound? Is my that my ankle? Can I feel my blisters? Are they recharging? Who is that guy? Is he following me? Am I running fast enough? Are my legs getting tired?

7am: Roll into the driveway blister free and commence victory lap around the garden with arms held over my head Rocky-style.

As you can probably tell by my little soliloquy I managed to make it through a run without generating any new blisters or aggravating any old ones. Damn miracle.

Only thing is that I now have this very involved pre-run foot pampering process that I will be too scared to stray from lest I end up back where I started with searing blisters or aching foot pain. So, now I need to go out and invest in a whole wardrobe of anti-blister socks, a six ton bar of BodyGlide and a roll of moleskin the size of Washington state.

And I thought I was high maintenance before.


  1. You can't see, but I am smiling ear to ear. Not only are you rocking those new shoes and have managed blisters successfully, but doode -- you are a runner! WOO HOO!!

  2. Congratulations on being blister free. Blisters suck. After my first 60km walk to end cancer I had blister that wrapped around my heel and another on the ball of my foot from big toe to little toe. They had to be treated and the dressing changed at every first aid stop. And took a month to heal. The next year body glide became my best friend and I defeated the blisters!

  3. Personally, the victory dance was my favorite part. I'm sure those neighbors were staring at you and mumbling "must be nice" -- I think this deserves a victory dinner at Tlaqapaque, right like I can spell that, please! Drink one a them beers that's big as a bathtub for me, will ya? BRAVA comunque, complimenti!

  4. You are cracking me up with your running monologue. Seriously. Are you *always* this funny?? (And this funny in person?)

  5. i love that, "cautiously get dressed in the dark."

    many an effort to exercise in the wee hours of the morning have been undermined by injuries acquired while dressing in the dark. now i just sleep with my sweats on and put my shoes next to the bed. not the sexiest attire, but it works!

  6. Kelli - I FEEL like a runner! Albeit a slow one. But one without blisters! Woot!

    Tinker - Thank you SO much for sharing your words of wisdom! I am blister free and wouldn't be so without this BodyGlide!

  7. Shelley - I had a victory glass of wine last night and touted my overcoming of the Blisters. Que milagro!

    Lera - If you ask my dad, I'm not "as funny as I think I am". But I'm usually making fun of him, so he's biased.

    Ethusia - I think Bubba might draw the line at wearing sweats to bed. However, if I keep pulling the sheets over his eyes so I can turn on the light "without waking him up" I'm sure he'll give in ;)

  8. I seriously love the Brooks shoes. I will never go back. I was fitted for them 6 years ago and have kept with the adrenline line since. BRAVO on the run!


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