Monday, March 26, 2007

InStitches : The Clutch

Let me pile on with everyone by saying that, yes, this clutch is hooge.

Huge in a longish, can fit my hairbrush in here lengthwise, kind of way.

To accommodate the two tons of extra crap I'm definitely going to stuff in here since I have so much unexpected space, I decided that a good way to "Make it my own" was to add a removable strap so that I can actually carry the bag.

I mean, "clutch" is a nice thought here, but with my tiny claws, I'm lucky to clutch this purse even at empty status. Surely once I fill it with my necessary items it won't be so clutchable. Or armpitable for that matter. So, enter the strap.

I also needed to make one other change for my personal sensitivities. I'm just not a big fan of the ripping sound of Velcro every time I open my purse. Plus, it reminds me of the dirty nylon wallet my skater boyfriend had when I was in the 6th grade. Sure, it was cool then, but so were BMX bikes, Hypercolor t-shirts and overalls with one strap down.

So, Ixnay on the elcro-vay.

Instead, I opted for a magnetic clasp. Perhaps I'm a bit spoiled, but I like that this clasp does itself. Again, laziness at work here.

It came out really sweet - and with the little leather button I sewed on the flap, I'm pretty happy with the result. Best news here: no riiiiiiiiiiiiip when I open the bag. Bonus: it makes a satisfying *click* when it shuts itself. If only all annoyances could be resolved in such a manner.

My other "make it my own" statement was the strap. I need some time to become accustomed to clutching my bag. Meantime, I will wear it over my shoulder thanks to the fabu strap that secretly buttons inside the purse like so:

I seriously thought this feature would take me all of two seconds to complete. That was before my brain switched into mutant mode and I forgot that installing a buttonhole required the LOWERING OF THE BUTTONHOLE LEG. Duh. I spent a good half an hour saying not so nice things to my machine while Bubba took cover in the living room.

"Oh, the buttonhole leg. Right. Just like the picture shows. 'Lower buttonfoot leg.' Wow."

Once that was done, it took, like five whole seconds to install two buttonholes, slice them open and have my strap ret-to-go. Ah ha. Instructions. Riiiiiiiiiight. Next time to read first before throwing things.

All in all - I am happy with the final product and plan to wear it to Passover when I will need extra room to stow edible food. Gefilte fish? Geez, leave people wandering the desert and they'll eat anything. So that I'm not struck down, I'll let the purse divider keep my salami separate from my slices of cheddar cheese.

Coming photos of the Amy Butler Big Nap Pillow that I'm finishing for my goddaughter's #1 birthday.


  1. I likeee! I am beginning to think I was born craft-gene deficient. Can I order one instead?

  2. A substitute for velcro? Sassy removable strap? Kosher compartments? Brava, Finny -- very well played. And nice fabric choice to boot; that'll take you right on through to fall.

    As for the stack which will soon be a nap pillow, well, you definitely should be up for a godmotherly award.

  3. I always love the sound of a magnetic clip. Sounds sooo pretty-nothing like velcro-icky icky!
    I am in love with the clutch, as usual with many of your creations!

  4. Ms Adv - Come on! With all those Italian textiles - you could make one that would put mine to shame. Release your inner crafty!

    Meg - Oh yes, there were many adjustments to be made here to make it Finnylicious. I'm too picky for "off the rack" bags. Of course, that is why I wanted to learn to sew in the first place. We'll see if the goddaughter likes her giant pillow...

    Beckie - Yes - CLICK! That is a happy sound. Plus, I don't feel like I'm undoing my Peaks for naptime at preschool either.

  5. Finny dahling how devine. You have taken a sweet clutch and turned it devilish with that sassy strap and spiffy snap.
    I am delighted by dear Donks' oh so fabulous news re the Aimster. Deeelishious.
    Well I must away to work on my own Butler bag, finally it has been cut out, I do believe that is one of the necessary steps required for completion.
    Enjoy your bag dear, well done.
    Jan, (I am thinking of changing my name to Rusty, it has a tad more pizzaz)

  6. I like the fabric, and the magnetic clasp, and the detachable strap. In fact there's nothing I don't like.

    I made that nap pillow for christmas and it was a big hit. The parents wanted an adult size one.

  7. Oooh -- I love it!! You did such a good job. And the button and strap are great changes. Nicely done!

  8. Oh MY! I love this bag...the gorgeous fabric and your unique adaptations. Well done :)

  9. Finny, that looks great! I'm not a fan of velcro either, and your magnetic snap is truly genius.

  10. this is such a lovely clutch. and the fabric... oh i want some.

    good call on swapping velcro for magnetic clasp. what are those designers thinking about velcro? they must take bribes from the velcro industry to call for velcro in their patterns.

    i have the book, and now, i'm gonna have to look through it seriously. thanks for such inspiration!


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