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[BOOK CLUB] You Suck, A Love Story by Christopher Moore

Two posts in a day? Yeesh, stop me.

So, for those of you out there following along, this month's book was You Suck, A Love Story by Christopher Moore.

If the title itself didn't peak your interest then you and I are not the kindred spirits I thought we were. Boo.

However, if you went out and got the book (whether it was because of the sexy title) and made your way through it over the last month and a half or so - let's chat.

I was wondering if the premise and story might get some eyebrows lifting, since it's basically about youngish vampires living in San Francisco who, other than vampire-ing around at night, lead pretty normal lives. But that is the beauty of this book, and it's predecessor, Bloodsucking Fiends, also by Christopher Moore (Obviously. Shut up.)

The beauty is this - if you squint hard enough and have enough cocktails, you can pretty easily imagine something like this happening to you. I did. Frankly, I'm planning a little trip to the Marina Safeway next time I'm in SF just to check around for errant Animals or an old blue whore.

There was a scene in Bloodsucking Fiends where Jody is first getting her vampire-y powers and kicks some guys ass at a laundromat. Beauty. Then in You Suck, she talks about how she prefers her life as a vampire because she can walk alone at night, in dark alleys, through rough hoods, etc and never feel scared.

I don't know about you all, but having walked to BART after working all day and half the night, I'd have loved knowing I could defend myself from the stinky riffraff that wanders those streets at night. That's just me though.

Anyway, I don't want to get all preachy and "Woman Power" on you guys, because that is boring. But I like that little side note in this entertaining read that I breezed through in a few short days. I won't lie, I eat up anything he writes, so this was another "run right out and get it because I'm getting the shakes" pick since I've finished all his other books.

It didn't hurt that this episode included a Hummer limo full of cracked out dudes fresh from Vegas, the aforementioned blue whore, the super old vampire from Bloodsucking Fiends that was so much fun the first time and some scintillating vampy love (meow). However, I could have done entirely without the stupid Abby and her wicked annoying vampire chronicles or whatever they were.

Christopher, if you're out there, this was not your best character ever. Just, ugh.

Overall though, a fun read to tie up my Christopher Moore swoonfest and properly adorn the bookshelf with his entire collection. If you dug this book and want to lay your naked steaming eyes on some more, a few of my other favorites were; Fluke, Lamb and Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove.

Think me weird all you like, these were all fabulously entertaining.

And, as always, I'm ready to swerve wildly in another direction with the next book: The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri. Even though I just saw a preview for the movie based on this book (hello, annoying), I still want to read it. I'm just hoping that while I'm reading it some hammerhead doesn't come up to me and go, "Hey! I just saw that movie. Did you know that XYZ person does XYZ crazy thing that changes the whole ending?!"

Because then I would have to kick.

Meet back on 5/1 and I'll tell you how many were wounded in the reading of this book.



  1. Damn (no pun intended), I really hope I'm in your group of kindred spirits, but this just didn't do much for me. I've heard you either love this author or hate him, and though hate is too strong a word here...I'm just sort of 'whatever' on it. And honestly, Abby was the only thing that appealed to me. I just read a newspaper review, and she said the same thing, so I don't know...
    The two times I laughed out loud:
    the Thunderdome reference, page 269, and the yo gangsta orange thing that I can't find the page right now. Anyway....
    a review on was pretty right on by saying Moore understands people and is able to form realistic characters. True, but overall is was just ho-hum I thought.

  2. Oooo, the Namesake. Good choice. I read that last year and managed to see the movie while I was out (no spoilers here) - I'm curious to hear your opinion!

    The only book I (started to) read of Moore's was Lamb, and I could barely get into it (but not that interested in the story it's "based" off either, so maybe that was it) so I'll have to try another one of his books.

  3. Barb - I know we are of like minds - just look at all the random stuff we have in common: licorice, dogs, handbag obsession...the list goes on.

    But I probably should have mentioned here that part of the allure of this book for me was the references to his other books. This comes in a short series of vampy type books and also makes reference to characters from his other books - which for some reason always gets me. Like being part of a secret circle of friends. Ok, so I'm a little nutty - but it appeals to me. As far as picking this one up off the shelf and being riveted - not likely to happen if you haven't read any other books by him.

    It's something different anyway.

    Ms Adventures - I'm excited to read Namesake, even after this movie release bummed me out (I always feel like a cheater for reading a book that has a movie out). We'll chat after - I want to see what you think, too.

    Bubba LOVED Lamb, but since I'm not so into the subject matter I could only appreciate the humor on a basic level. Fluke, however, was a good one on me. That and Island of the Sequined Love Nun - funny. What can I say, I like bizarre characters.

    I guess I should have forewarned everyone with this book by saying that I use Christopher Moore as a substitute for Douglas Adams.

  4. The Namesake is one of my favorite books of all time. LOVE.
    And I've yet to read a Christopher Moore. Must. Do.

  5. I got a swap in the mail today, and when I opened the package, the first thing on top was black licorice wheels. So it was obviously a good beginning. The, uh, package didn't even make it home from the post office.

    Speaking of vampires, I forgot if we've discussed The Historian. That was loooong but very good. I look forward to the Namesake.

  6. I just finished reading Suite Francaise. I enjoyed it very much, although I don't know if enjoyed is the right word. But it had me captivated. Much the same way Boy in the Striped Pyjamas did.

    I have a copy of Namesake,but haven't read it yet..

  7. Sorry that I didn't join in the bloodsucking fun this time around. Of course it has nothing to do with not being a kindred spirit, as the one and only other bombshell could be, but instead there was this pesky wedding thing and I just knew I wouldn't have time to commit to a book. In fact, the best I've done in the last 6 weeks is get through a magazine article about half-way. Sigh. The end is in sight! I'll be on board again for the next one... got a short 23-hr. trip coming up.

  8. Kel - If you're in the mood for a "funny strange" (rather than just funny "haha") his books are perfect. If you have a deep dark love for Douglas Adams - even better.

    Barb - Anything that comes with licorice pinwheels is good. I like to uncoil them and pretend I'm eating licorice spaghetti. You do it too, don't lie.
    Also - thanks for holding on for the Namesake - I love having your opinions on Book Club day. I hope you like this one :)

    Tinkerblue- I expect to see you back here on 5/1 for some cold hard throwing down over the Namesake. You have the book right there. I mean, this is fate, right?

    Shelley - I bet you can pick this book up at one of the hundred airports you guys are going to go through during your travels. Pick it up and then come back all tan and beautiful so we can hate on you. Kidding! But...MUST BE NICE! OMG. I'm cracking myself up right now.

    xo Finn

  9. Did you try "A Dirty Job?." That's the only book I've read by him and it's fabulous! (At least I thought so...)

  10. Laura - I did read a Dirty Job - Loved it! I realized I hadn't made any references to it in my review, which was an oversight. A lot of the background for You Suck came from A Dirty Job. I think You Suck, Dirty Job and Bloodsucking Fiends are a sub-series of CM's books much like Lustlizard, Stupidest Angel and Practical Demonkeeping are one as well. I recommend them all because I find them hysterical. :)


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