Monday, March 26, 2007

Email from a Craft Rock Star!

Dear Donk,

You are a crafty genius. I am so excited to not screw up my monthly projects now since AMY might be leafing through our Flickr pool at any moment! I mean, who'd have thought that she'd respond so graciously to your email? Not that you can't compose a mean email, but you know...

Plus, who doesn't want a fabulous hand picked prize from Ms Amy Butler HERSELF? No one in our sew~along, that's for sure.

Let's tell the pool about this great news, the new Grand Prize stakes, our celebrity judge and just how fab life can be in general. Oh wait, we just did.

Did you hear that y'all?

Amy Butler herself has offered to select the Grand Prize winner from the pool of monthly winners at the end of 2007 and send them a fabulous prize. Could it be new patterns? Fabric? Oh the suspense!

So - don't forget to post your monthly project photos to the pool and GOOD LUCK!



  1. Such a bummer we're going to graciously disqualify ourselves from the potential winner's pool. Wanna drink off the disappointment at the Sandia? No? Well then, we'll just poker it off.

  2. That is so effin' cool. Y'all are rockstars!

  3. holy CARP!!! I simply must get my butt in gear and start sewing. A-MAY-ZING, ladies, amazing.


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